Jewish grad sues Leeds Uni, claiming her essay was failed because it didn’t criticise Israel

‘I almost had a complete breakdown over this’

A Jewish graduate from the University of Leeds claims her essay was failed because she didn’t criticise Israel enough.

This mark meant that Danielle Greyman was unable to graduate until the paper was eventually remarked, finally allowing her to take her place on a Master’s course a year after she was supposed to.

Greyman is now suing the University of Leeds on the grounds of negligence, discrimination and victimisation.

The Leeds grad claims her essay on crimes committed by Hamas against Palestinians was failed because she wasn’t critical enough of Israel.

In her essay, Greyman described Hamas’s use of human shields as “a betrayal of the Palestinian people by their government”.

The moderator annotated this section: “This ignores the fact that the Israeli state commits acts of violence.”

She also listed eight examples of antisemitism being taught in schools in Gaza.

Next to this section, the moderator wrote: “So seven teachers constitute a wave of antisemitism? This ‘evidence’ is also weakened by the admission that the transmission and acceptance of these ‘heinous ideas’ cannot be measured.”

After failing the essay, Greyman was forced to resit the module and subsequently passed, but had to wait almost a year before she could take up her place on a Master’s course at Glasgow University.

Greyman also claims that to appeal the initial grade, she had to withdraw an official complaint against her lecturers.

“It’s been massive emotional damage. I almost had a complete breakdown over this,” Greyman told The Jewish Chronicle.

A spokesperson for the University of Leeds said: “The university strenuously denies accusations of antisemitism, although further comment would be inappropriate given the matter is subject to legal action.”

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