Coyote Ugly’s most iconic outfits, ranked from basic to Y2K princess

I’d sell a limb for these clothes

Coyote Ugly is the early 2000s movie that you may not have heard of. In the make-over scene, small town girl Violet Sanford’s outfits go from dreary and basic to the ultimate Y2K fits that would leave a Depop girl quaking in her buffalos. The recent resurgence of early 2000s fashion which has been made popular by TikTok and runway models makes this movie one to consult for your style needs.

From leather trousers to cheetah print halter necks, the Coyote Ugly wardrobe department is simply fierce. No amount of charity shopping will find Y2K outfits this iconic.

11. The librarian dress

The flower print, ugly dress is the second outfit we see Violet in. The hair is cute, but no amount of pretty can salvage the monstrosity that is this dress. Violet looks like she’s off to church. It’s a no from me.

10. The primary school teacher shirt

This was literally after the big make-over scene, so she has no excuse for this one. How is she going to meet the boy she fancies looking like this. Babe, come on.

9. The red satin skirt and cheetah print combo

Out of all of her Coyote Bar outfits this is the worst one. It’s still quite Y2K, and if I didn’t have anything else going on I may consider wearing it. The red and cheetah are still clashing big time though, and I’m not a fan of the chunky belt. Sorry, not sorry.

8. Cammie and Rachel’s cowgirl outfits

Now we’re getting to the good stuff. I’m not of a fan of Cammie’s pink leopard print, and I have never liked chokers, except for maybe when I was about 14. But the cute pink halter top brings this outfit up in the ranking. Rachel’s outfit is amazing: double leather, halter-neck and a cute coyote belt. Minus points for the ugly hat.

7. Cammie’s all black fit

Now this outfit I would wear out, black on black always looks sexy. It’s giving TikTok tutorial on how to get into Berghain. The skirt is slit at the side and is sparkly, drawing attention to the fit. I’m obsessed.

6. Lil’s leather waistcoat and flared jean combo

Okay, this is slightly higher on the list because Lil is iconic and carries this fit so well. Who thought of making waistcoats leather??? I am a big fan of the chunky belt, and the jeans are cute. It’s a yes from me.

5. Rachel’s crop top, studded belt and leather trousers

Massive, massive fan of the belt. The cute low-waisted leather trousers really compliment her figure and stick to the leather trend of the bar. The crop top is cute, but is low-key Brandy Melville vibes.

4. Violet’s argument outfit

I don’t have a valid reason as to why this outfit is so highly ranked as it is just a plain black but it just looks so good. It gets extra points for being a break-up outfit, how do you look that good in an argument?

3. Rachel’s leather tassel top

If this top was either black or red, it would be top of this list. But lowkey, the khaki colour is kinda ugly. It still looks amazing thought and I wish it was part of my wardrobe. I feel like the tassels might get annoying after a while, do they not get caught in stuff??? Either way, the colour is ugly but it’s a great look overall.

2. Zöe’s diner outfit

Firstly, why is Tyra Banks in this movie? Secondly, why does she not have a bigger role? Her iconic outfits get about five minutes total screen time. Justice for Tyra and her fits. This fit is giving cowgirl, and looks amazing on her. I think I could pull off this outfit as well. Maybe not.

1. Violet’s singing outfit

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