Quiz: Everyone is either Poppy or Kate from Wild Child, but which are you?

Either way at least you’re not Harriet x

Wild Child is the most iconic film of our generation, but one of the best things it gave us was the friendship between Poppy and Kate. They’re both so different but learn and grow so much from each other throughout the film.

Everyone in this world is either a Poppy or a Kate, and that’s an absolute scientific fact. Poppy loves having fun on a big night out, probably goes to Leeds or Bristol unis, and couldn’t live without her boujee clothes and fit boyfriend. She’s not afraid to say exactly what she thinks, and you’d absolutely never want to get on her bad side. Meanwhile Kate is the definition of jeans and a nice top, and studies at Exeter. She’s the mum of the group and always looks after her friends, whether that’s hyping them up when they’re crying over their ex, or holding their hair back in the club toilets.

But are you more Poppy or Kate? Take this quiz to find out:

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