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What is the Tesco method? People on TikTok are using it to get loads of free sweets

Forget about your Clubcard, you need to try this


The only thing better than sweets has to be free sweets and thanks to a new TikTok trend, there is a way for you to get as many free sweets as you could possibly want. Users on the app have been sharing a simple method that allows you to get an endless amount of free sweets when you use the self-checkout counters at Tesco.

Using a coupon loophole meant for manufacturers, TikTok users have been sharing their success as they apparently walk away with trolleys full of sweets and drinks.  Here is everything you need to know about the Tesco method and how you can use loophole yourself.

Right, what actually is the Tesco method I’ve seen all over TikTok?

The Tesco method is really simple. Shoppers are using a discount coupon at the self-checkout tills that allows them to buy packs of a range of different sweets. Although most coupons are only for up to £5 worth of sweets, the trick is that you can use these discount codes multiple times.

Exposing this loophole, TikTok users have been going to Tesco filling trolleys with as many sweets as possible and then using the coupon as many times as they want to get all the sweets they’ve bought for free.


Tesco method is literallt an IRL money glitch 🥱👨‍🍳 #tesco #free #finesse #money #moneyglitch #viral #fyp #centralcee #couponing

♬ Doja – Central Cee

How have been people been doing it?

People have been sharing screenshots of them online and in TikTok videos for other people to use. The coupons are called manufacturer coupons and require a member of checkout staff to verify the purchase.

However, because most checkout staff are swept off their feet looking after all the tills at once, lots of people are getting their purchases approved with staff quickly approving the purchase without properly investigating.

How can I do it?

All you have to do is search Tesco method on TikTok and look at the videos. While most just show the success of the loophole, lots of them also show pictures of successful discount coupons.


Replying to @240hz.Ghoul hopefully it gets patched💀💀💀 #fyp #method #domgo#tesco

♬ original sound – Domg.o

All you need to do is save the videos with pictures of the coupons in them and screenshot. When you get to the checkout counter, after you’ve scanned your items and have selected “Finish and pay”, you’ll see an option to add a coupon. Scan your coupon and watch your bill disappear as each coupon is applied to your basket.

The most common discount code is for a range of different brands of sweets, although there are some for drinks as well. Most are only for up to £5 worth of sweets so if you want to buy lots and lots of sweets, you’ll need to reuse the coupon multiple times.

Does it work?

Multiple TikTok users say they have been successful using the coupon which suggests the loophole works. Like all trends, you need to be quick on this because we can’t guarantee how long it will still work for.

Some TikTok users have been sharing videos that appear to show Tesco staff discussing the Tesco method and telling staff to look out for people using the method. Other videos show shoppers being denied huge trolleys full of sweets at the checkout.

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