Here’s how to do the mental age quiz everyone is obsessed with on TikTok right now

It appears I’m immature x

People love to think they’re more mature than others and the word immature gets chucked around as an insult like there’s no tomorrow. Whilst you might like to believe that you’re older and wiser than the people around you – have you ever wondered *exactly* what your mental age is? Well a viral mental age quiz making the rounds on TikTok can determine just that.

Everyone is taking the test and making a video of their results and TikTok is just lapping it up. The quiz asks you a series of questions and ultimately determines what your mental age is. It’s really simple and can be done really quickly.

Here’s everything you need to know about the mental age TikTok quiz, including where to find it:

How to take the mental age test from TikTok

The quiz is available on arealme and was originally published in Japanese. Upon taking the test, you’ll be asked to answer a series of 30 questions about your attitude towards life and also some scenario-based questions.

Before you begin the test, you have the option of inputting your actual age and if you do then your results will tell you how many years older or younger your mental age is than your real age.

mental age quiz TikTok

Once you answer all 30 questions, your mental age is calculated along with what this means about you. For example, if your mental age is a lot younger than your real age then the website will tell you are “young at heart”. Likewise, if you are mentally older than you actually are, the website deems you “sophisticated”.

You can take the arealme mental age test here.

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