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Here’s how to do the childhood trauma test that’s blowing up on TikTok right now

This is *scarily* accurate

Ever wondered how to work out if you’ve got childhood trauma or not? Well TikTok has a viral test just for that. Everyone seems to be taking it and sharing their results and to be honest, the quiz is scarily accurate. It asks you a series of questions and essentially determines how messed up you are as a result of your childhood. The questions are straight forward but they do get you thinking. Here’s everything you need to know about the childhood trauma test on TikTok and where to find it.

How to take the BetterMe childhood trauma test from TikTok

The test is available on BetterMe’s website which is a subscription-based behavioural healthcare app. When you take the test you’ll be asked a series of 18 questions about what kind of childhood memories you have and whether you were punished as a child.

Once you answer all 18 questions you’ll be asked for an email address before you can see your answer. Let me warn you though, the answer is painfully accurate. It offers you a personal summary like this one.

Then based on your responses, the test then determines the facts which negatively affect your personal well-being. These categories include rejection trauma, abandonment trauma, betrayal trauma and injustice trauma. You’ll then be told which level you fall under based on your responses. You can take the BetterMe childhood trauma test from TikTok here.

Obviously you shouldn’t take any TikTok test as gospel because they rarely have even a crumb of science behind them. Anyway, enjoy being read to filth!

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