A body language expert worked out the exact moment it was over for Jacques and Paige

Of course it involves Adam Collard

A body language expert has pinpointed the moment where Paige Thorne showed romantic interest in Adam Collard. Adam, who first appeared on the 2018 series, returned to Love Island this year as a bombshell and he has changed the entire villa dynamic. Pretty much straight away after coming in he locked his eyes on 24-year-old Paige who was coupled up with Jacques at the time.

Paige and Jacques have had a rocky time, especially since his behaviour in Casa Amor. Judi James, a body expert, has claimed Paige is “totally” into Adam. Speaking to the Metro the first sign was her “cheeky grin” on their date when her tongue licked the side of her mouth. Judi said if Paige’s tongue had come out in the front then it would be a gesture of rejection, but a lick to the side of the mouth is “flirting”.

However after her date with Adam, Jacques left the villa. A Love Island spokesperson said: “Jacques has made the decision to leave the villa. He will explain his reasons to the Islanders during tonight’s episode. We fully support his decision and look forward to seeing what’s next for Jacques.”

It came after he received backlash for his treatment of Paige in Casa Amor episodes of the show. He also had a heated talk with Adam Collard when he hears Adam talking about him behind his back.

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