Big breakups and OnlyFans: Everything Adam Collard has been up to since the 2018 villa

He’s been making £270k a month on his OnlyFans account

It’s the biggest news of 2022 so far: Adam Collard is back, and he’s back in a big way. The Love Island villa has been shook by his presence. We were first introduced to Adam Collard as part of the 2018 cast of Love Island, but what has he been up to since then?

Adam is 26 now, and he’s definitely been keeping busy. From a number of relationships, to starting a business and making thousands on OnlyFans. Here’s exactly what Adam Collard has been up to since he left the Love Island 2018 villa.

After leaving the villa, Adam got back with Zara McDermott and they were together for seven months

What Love Island star Adam Collard has been up to since the 2018 villa

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During his time in the 2018 villa, Adam faced a lot of backlash. When his time on the show was nearing its end, he was coupled up with Zara McDermott. She was dumped from the villa, but Adam decided to continue on his own and headed to Casa Amor. There, he recoupled with Darylle – before they were dumped from the villa together.

Ultimately, he got back with Zara McDermott outside the show, and they were together for around seven months before splitting. At the time, Zara said: “I am heartbroken to announce that Adam and I have parted ways. I love him very much and will always have a special place in my heart for him and our time spent together. I have tried so hard to be the best person I can possibly be and to make it work. Sometimes in life, you just aren’t enough for someone; no matter what you do for them or how much you try to be.”

It was then reported Adam had dumped Zara by text after spending the night in a hotel room with two other women. The pair quickly unfollowed each other on Instagram. Ouch.

Adam has had a couple of other relationships and flings since the Love Island 2018 villa

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Since Love Island 2018 and his breakup from Zara, Adam Collard has had a couple more significant others in his life. Shortly after ending things with Zara, Adam dated influencer Sarah Godfrey. They went public in September 2019, but broke up in January 2020, with Adam saying they were “still on good terms.”

He was then briefly linked to TOWIE star, Demi Sims. They reportedly had “serious chemistry” and an insider told The Mirror: “They were seen very close at the launch party of Sam Bird’s ‘Run To You’. Demi openly admits she has dated women in recent years but felt very attracted to Adam. And for the first time in a long time felt she would date a guy after meeting Adam.”

His most recent relationship was apparently very serious, with her claiming they were together for two years and he dumped her to go back on the show. According to The Sun, Adam and Josie Baxter were in the process of buying a house together and they shared a dog together.

Adam reportedly “finally finished” with Josie at the start of June. “His lies have driven mutual friends of the former couple to speak out,” The Sun has reported.

What Love Island star Adam Collard has been up to since the 2018 villa

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He has started his own business, and been working as a personal trainer

Right up to entering the villa again, Adam had been working as a personal trainer and has founded his own brand called Sculpt Fitness, where he charges up to £1890 for the “Sculpt in 60 Days Challenge” package. It includes one-to-one training sessions with him, a nutrition masterclass and weekly check-ins with Adam.

He also has a podcast now

As well as his personal training, Adam has a fitness related podcast called The Lift Laugh Life Podcast. On Spotify, the podcast describes itself as “Fitness, Business, Life and some real conversations with only the most interesting, elite and entertaining guests.”

He also has a YouTube channel, sharing fitness content, his personal life, and videos about his time on reality TV.

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And has been making thousands on OnlyFans

Naturally, he’s making serious bank on OnlyFans since being on Love Island. According to The Sun he earns around £270k a month. Not too shabby!

Adam Collard has stacked up nearly a million Instagram followers since Love Island 2018

What Love Island star Adam Collard has been up to since the 2018 villa

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Of course, since leaving the villa the first time around, Adam has been doing loads of sponsored content and brand deals. Most of his posts promote his gym business, he’s very rarely wearing a shirt, and he’s worked with brands such as Muscle Food and BoohooMAN. He lists himself as an ambassador for a number of fitness brands. Right now, he has 962k followers.

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