‘Now I have to watch’: What the 2018 Islanders have said about Adam Collard being back

Not Jack Fincham saying he hopes he wins this year 💀

Adam Collard, who was originally part of the cast of Love Island 2018, has made a shock comeback into the villa. Nobody saw it coming, and now it seems the dynamic of the villa has changed forever. But one set of people who might be particularly shocked by the news of his return are those Islanders who he was in the villa alongside, the first time around.

His year was full of Love Island legends. From the winners Jack and Dani, to huge bombshells like Megan Barton-Hanson. A few of them have spoken out about Adam being back on the show this year, and here’s what they’ve had to say.

Zara McDermott

Let’s just say, Zara McDermott was shook when she was watching the show live and that was how she found out Adam was returning. In a clip of her and boyfriend Sam Thompson watching the big reveal, Sam turned the camera to Zara after it’s said Adam is back, and he shouted “it’s your ex boyfriend!” Zara looked clearly shook to her core, and sat right up on the edge of her seat.

“You’re fucking joking,” Zara then said. “Wow wow wow, rewind that!” Sam then said: “This is the best series ever! I am so intrigued about what’s about to happen.” Zara can be heard in the background saying she’s “going to have to retire” from reacting to the show on Instagram.

Zara also commented under the official Love Island page’s Instagram post about Adam heading back in the villa. “You are joking me,” she commented, with loads of crying laughing emojis.

Rosie Williams

via Instagram @rosieawilliams

Rosie Williams has probably been the most vocal cast member from Love Island 2018 when it comes to discussing Adam Collard returning. Rightly so, she was treated so badly by him that Women’s Aid had to issue a statement about his behaviour. Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Rosie said she was in shock when she saw him on the show, and is still waiting for an apology.

“It was a shock, definitely a shock,” she said. “It was surreal seeing him on television and it doesn’t bring back the best memories for me. From what I’ve seen so far, I don’t think much has changed. I had high hopes he could have matured but so far, not so good. I’ve not spoken to Adam for years. I’m still waiting for my apology but I don’t think I’ll ever get it.” She then slammed him for going back on the show for fame.

She also revealed she has reached out to whoever is currently running the social media pages for Adam’s fellow Islander, Paige Thorne. She said she sent them a warning about what he is really like. Speaking to The Sun, Rosie said: “I actually spoke to whoever is running Paige’s social media accounts and said, ‘I hope my Welsh sister doesn’t do it. Tell her to stay away. He charmed a lot of us in my series, but whether or not he’s true to his word is another thing.’”

Wes Nelson

The cast of Love Island 2018 react to Adam Collard being back in the villa

via Instagram

Wes was also in the cast of Love Island 2018 alongside Adam Collard, and seemed to get on well with him. Posting on Instagram, Wes said of his return: “There’s no fucking way my fucking bro is back in!!! Now I’m gonna watch.”

Samira Mighty

The cast of Love Island 2018 react to Adam Collard being back in the villa

via Instagram @samiramighty

Samira also posted to her Instagram story when she saw Adam is back. “Love Island giving me the drama I needed,” she said. Followed by another post which read: “The way Love Island has me in chokehold.”

Jack Charles

The cast of Love Island 2018 react to Adam Collard being back in the villa

via Instagram

Jack Charles, who won the 2018 series, is clearly backing Adam to win the entire show now. He shared a meme onto his Instagram story which said “Lord imagine if Adam ends up WINNING” and added the praying emoji.

Ellie Brown

Finally, Ellie Brown and Adam were quite close in the villa, both being from Newcastle. She simply tweeted: “ADAMMM WTFFF!!” with some laughing emojis.

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