Pictured are doctors who have been filming themselves after losing a patient on TikTok

Doctors have been filming themselves after losing a patient and posting it on TikTok

People are divided about the videos

In a bizarre TikTok trend, doctors and nurses have been filming themselves after just losing a patient and then have been posting it on TikTok. The trend was initally supposed to show how doctors and other healthcare professionals are affected by the loss of patients, but people on social media are not having it.

One of the videos that has gone viral on the app is of a nurse in scrubs who recorded herself after losing a patient, with Sia’s Unstoppable playing the background. The TikTok says: “Lost a patient today. Shake off, you have five more hours.”

The original TikTok has been made private but there are several stitches on the app of people calling the nurse out for posting the video, and there some others who have been sympathetic. One TikTok user duetted the video and said: “A patient dies and their first thought is to shoot, edit and post a TikTok for likes and attention.” They captioned the video with: “Can you imagine just her scrolling through sounds trying to pick the most trendy song and while her patient’s body is being wheeled out to the morgue.”

There are multiple videos on TikTok with different healthcare professionals all doing the same thing. Another TikTok said: “I lost a patient today. And still have to come home and do it all over the next day like nothing.”

Twitter is divided about the videos on TikTok, some calling the trend narcissistic. One user said: “When you are emotionally upset at the loss of a life (rightfully so) but then draw attention to yourself so others can see that you’re upset, then it is no longer about the person who died or their memory, but rather about yourself. That is called narcissism.”

However, someone with a differing opinion said: “Everyone is calling this cringe etc, but I don’t feel it’s automatically performative or whatever. I’m sure it’s hard to lose a patient. And I’ve taken selfies while crying my eyes out. Sometimes you just wanna feel seen when you’re going through it.”

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