mouth taping for sleep

We shouldn’t even need to say it, but PLEASE don’t tape your mouth up before you sleep

Why would you do this?!

Sorry, but “hack” TikTok is the stuff of nightmares. Remember when “night routine” videos would all be about creators meticulously doing their skincare, using a gifted-but-undisclosed heated brush on their already-perfect hair and falling asleep to whale noises?

Well now, as it turns out, there’s an added extra step. SEALING YOUR MOUTH SHUT WITH LITERAL DUCT TAPE.

If it sounds like a bad idea, it’s probably because it is a bad idea. But let’s unpack this for a minute. Will taping your mouth shut actually help you sleep better? Or should you just avoid doing it altogether?

(Spoiler alert, it’s the second one).

Some people need to tape their mouths shut for medical reasons

A select few with sleep disorders – like sleep apnoea and chronic snoring – may be prescribed mouth “tape” by their doctor. This isn’t actual tape, though. More like an adhesive strip you can easily peel off when you wake up.

This is because people with these issues experience difficulty breathing during sleep. “Taping” your mouth shut may start to regulate airflow through the nose. But, to be honest, there hasn’t been a lot of scientific research into this area.

According to Medical News Today, there are still a load of risks attached to sleeping with mouth tape. People with undiagnosed breathing conditions could further restrict air getting to the lungs by sealing their mouths shut. Allergic reactions to the tape itself could also become a problem.

So, should I listen to my favourite TikToker when they tell me to duct tape my mouth closed?

No! You absolutely shouldn’t listen to anyone who tells you to seal your mouth shut while you’re unconscious. I don’t care if they claim to be a “wellness guide” or an “expert in anti-aging.” It’s most likely bullshit, and you could do serious harm to yourself. Okay?

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