Here’s exactly which boys in the Love Island villa the Casa Amor girls have their eyes on

I’m already crying for Indiyah 💔💔

Casa Amor 2022 is in full swing, with the twist taking this year’s Love Island by storm. Preview pics have shown there are at least THREE kisses in tonight’s episode, with Dami and Andrew being the culprits despite each of them packing their actual rings into Indiyah and Tasha’s suitcases to show some kind of promise to them. Ooookay, then. But enough about them – which boys do the Casa Amor girls *actually* fancy and have their eyes on, and which of our original Love Island girls do we need to be worried about?

Luckily for us, all of the Casa Amor 2022 girls have spilled the tea on which of the Love Island villa boys they’re wanting to get to know. The Casa Amor boys haven’t said the same yet, so I guess we’ll all just have to watch tonight and see for ourselves. Anyway, here’s exactly which boys the Casa Amor bombshell girls fancy:


Eyes on: Dami, Jay

22-year-old Summer Botwe is the owner of an events decor business from Hertfordshire. She says she loves getting “princess treatment” as a girlfriend, calls herself “goofy silly”, and says she was once an extra in East Enders. Summer has her eyes on Dami and Jay.

She said: “Dami is someone that I definitely feel like I have my eye on and definitely want to pursue the most out of all the boys. His dress sense is really good, he’s funny, he’s just like an allrounder completely. Everyone loves him and he’s like their go-to and I love that about a person. His vibes are immaculate and I’m drawn to that. Jay is quite good looking, too. I will talk to other people, too”


Eyes on: Jacques, Jay, Davide

Jazmine Nichol is from Newcastle, aged 21 and a nightclub manager. Her nickname apparently is Donkey (from Shrek) and like Shrek she calls herself an onion: “I know I’m a great girlfriend when you get through the layers. I’m like an onion.”

In the villa she fancies Jacques, Jay and Davide, but says she doesn’t have a type and it’s all about who can make her laugh. Jazmine said: “Jacques for personality – humour’s the biggest thing for me in a partner. I never go for looks and I don’t have a type at all. It’s definitely who makes me laugh. So Jacques, Jay and then Davide.”


Eyes on: Dami, Jacques, Davide

Youth support worker Chyna Mills is 23 and from Leeds. She’s been single for two years and says she gets the ick from people being rude, not affectionate, or having a bad dress sense. Like Summer she has her eye on Dami, as well as Jacques and Davide – but Dami’s her “top one”.

But she said: “They might even change by the time I get in there and see them in person and I’ll be like right, I want them all! I don’t have a specific type. For me, it’s all down to personality.”


Eyes on: Andrew, Luca, Jacques

Air hostess Cheyanne Kerr is 23 and from Barnsley, although she spends a lot of time in Dubai – where Andrew lives. Love Island fans even think the two may know each other (!!!) as Andrew has liked a load of Cheyanne’s Insta pics from April, all of which are location tagged as Dubai.

As luck would have it, Cheyanne fancies Andrew in the villa, as well as Luca and Jacques. “I really like Andrew, Luca and Jacques. I think all the guys seem nice and attractive but I am more about their chat and who I click with so it just depends on what happens when I get there.” Andrew follows her on Insta, but she doesn’t follow him back – awkies.


Eyes on: Davide, Jay, Andrew

Shot girl, ring girl and graphic designer Coco Lodge is 27 and from Surrey. She says she goes for “the wrong guys” and in the past has been “attracted to looks”, saying she’s trying to be less “shallow” and look at what’s underneath. She’s Italian so fancies Davide and Jay, but also likes the look of Andrew and says her mum told her to go for him.

“I’m actually Italian, too. So I really like Davide, he reminds me of a lot of my family and he’s gorgeous”, she said. “I’ve never actually seen someone so good looking in my whole life! I like Jay as well, he’s super tall – and Italian too – and really handsome. And I really like Andrew. He’s the one my mum likes, ‘Please go for Andrew, he’s so cute!’ He seems so genuine and sweet. All three of them I think are genuinely looking for something long term and I am too.”


Eyes on: Jay, Davide, Jacques

23-year-old Mollie Salmon is a makeup artist from Southampton, who calls herself “a good egg”, ditzy and outgoing. Her eyes are on single man Jay, as well as Davide and Jacques. Those three should stay away from flavoured lip balm if they want to avoid giving Mollie the ick, as well as patterned boxers, fluffy socks, or eating spaghetti and getting “an orange stain round their mouths”. Not that she’s specific.

She said: “My top three are Jay, Davide and Jacques but my number one is Jay. They all look amazing but Jay is just carved from gold. I’ve never seen abs sculpted like that, him and Davide.”

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