Brb crying: Love Island preview pics show Dami and Andrew kissing Casa Amor girls tonight

I’m not gonna be the one who tells Indiyah

When it comes to Casa Amor we all know what’s going to happen: hearts are going to get broken, tears will be shed and maybe, just maybe, someone will stay loyal to their couple.

Just when we thought some of couples in the villa couldn’t be rocked, there now seems to be trouble in paradise as sneak preview photos show Dami and Andrew kissing two new Casa Amor girls in tonight’s episode, and only one of the kisses appears to be in a challenge.

via ITV

As the girls have gone off to Casa Amor for the first time in three years, the Love Island boys have been joined by a group of gorgeous new women to tempt their restraints in the main villa.

Tonight’s episode shows two boys everyone was rooting for, Dami and Andrew, kiss two of the new girls. Despite both boys packing their rings in their respective girls’ suitcases as a promise of fidelity, footage shows Dami and Andrew with their new love interests flirting and making suggestive remarks on the terrace before both end up kissing the girls.

via ITV

Andrew, who is currently partnered up with Tasha, can be seen kissing new girl Coco twice, once in what appears to be a challenge and then again on the terrace. Andrew says to Coco: “I’m not thinking about Tasha”, before also saying the same in the beach hut: “I’m not gonna be thinking about Tasha, I’m gonna think about myself for once.”

Dami, who is partnered up with fan-favourite Indiyah, can be seen following suit and kissing new girl Summer also on the terrace, it’s not like they’ve got a whole villa or anything.

Later around the fire pit, both Dami and Andrew admit to kissing Coco and Summer to which Luca encourages the boys to share beds with the new girls.

Dami and Luca then butt heads with Luca keeping it real and telling Dami: “You fucked up tonight.” Dami, clearly disgruntled then responds: “I don’t feel like I’ve done anything wrong.” Well Dami, we’ll leave it up to Indiyah to decide on that one.

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