All Stars 7 best season

All Stars 7 is the best season of Drag Race ever and these moments prove it

Every episode a joy, every queen an icon

We’re at the halfway point of All Stars 7, and I think it’s finally reached the point where I can say what I’ve believed would be true after watching the first two episodes: This is the greatest season of RuPaul’s Drag Race of all time. Across all franchises. It is the season of seasons – and every episode that goes by makes me fall more in love with these queens as they show the world why they deserved their win in the first place. In case your in any doubt about the excellence of All Stars 7, here are some of the best moments of the season so far the prove why it’s the best in Drag Race herstory.

No one going home means it’s a celebration of drag excellence

All Stars 7 changing the rules so that no queen went home, and that the cast of winners compete to earn the most Legendary Legend Stars instead, changes the dynamic of the competition for the better. This wouldn’t work on a regular season or even a non-winners All Stars – but all of these queens have proved their worth to compete with each other. Sending anyone home would be unfair on their legacy. Instead, we get to watch eight great winners show how great they are. Week after week. The competition is fierce and the competitive edge remains, but the Werk Room is all love.

Runway critiques are a joy. The drama is petty, but done with affection. The vibes are just immaculate.

The best Snatch Game ever (TWICE!)

The Snatch Game, in my opinion, was losing its touch. After season 14’s shitshow, I was feeling particularly over it. Enter the cast of All Stars 7, who had to do a DOUBLE, full length Snatch Game. And managed to make both the best in history. Quote me. Jinkx Monsoon’s Judy Garland is the best Snatch Game impersonation of all time. “Broom!”

The fashion is jawdropping

I was watching Drag Race España and thinking to myself that that season has peaked in terms of fashion on Drag Race. I just couldn’t see it being topped. Enter All Stars 7 – where the winners have gone all out in their designs and commissions from artists to present the most fashion forward runway moments the franchise has ever seen. It’s honestly breathtaking how perfect so many of these looks are. Raja killing it the hardest, but everyone else is clipping at her heels.

Even the acting challenges are good!

I hate an acting challenge as a general rule, especially if it’s scripted. But All Stars 7 unleashes this talented cast on improv challenges where they can play to their strengths. Jinkx Monsoon is a masterclass week after week, but Trinity the Tuck is also hilarious and The Vivienne is the British Jinkx Monsoon at this point. Only her runways don’t look like the costume department of Westworld.

I could watch this season forever

This season is just pure joy. Even if your fave doesn’t get a win, like me watching Raja get robbed on the Snatch Game episode, you don’t really need to worry because they’re not going anywhere and they’re going to carry on gagging you the next week no matter what. It’s perfect.

I also love that it feels just like it’s anyone’s game. Every queen here could end up making it to the lip-sync smackdown finale top four – you never know which way the stars are going to go, how the blocking is going to go down and who will emerge victorious. Every Friday morning I get up desperate to watch. I’ve not felt that way about Drag Race for quite some time, and it’s just a refreshing walk down memory lane that shows you why you fell so in love with these franchise icons in the first place. All Stars 7 is the best season of Drag Race, and it’s not even nearly over yet.

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