‘Dami is more likely to flake’: Everything the dumped Islanders have said so far

Antigoni reckons Davide will recouple in Casa Amor

Love Island started just under a month ago and so far seven Islanders have already left the show, including day one Islander Liam Llewellyn who quit the show a few days in.

Since their time on the Island ended, the cast, including Afia Tonkor and Remi Lambert, have not held back in sharing their thoughts on their experiences in the villa either on Instagram or during appearances on Aftersun. They’ve shared who they think will win the show, who the strongest couple is and if they actually knew who Gemma’s famous dad is.

This is everything the dumped Islanders have said since their time in the villa came to an end:


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Liam Llewellyn entered the Love Island 2022 villa on day one but decided to leave the show after less than a week. During his leaving speech Liam said he was quitting Love Island because he didn’t feel like himself and didn’t want to stay if he couldn’t give 100 per cent.

Since leaving he’s shed more light on his decision when speaking on an Instagram “ask me anything”  on 18th June.

Liam said: “Whilst in the villa I was overthinking everything massively and couldn’t really relax, which resulted in me not feeling like myself, and I didn’t want to be in the villa if I couldn’t offer 100 per cent.

“I waited to see if that would change, but in the end it just got worse, so I acted on it. I think the villa is a tough place to be if your head isn’t 100 per cent in it, and I know I couldn’t have sent someone home, knowing I personally wasn’t feeling even 10 per cent of my normal self.”

via Instagram @liamllew_

After leaving the villa Liam appeared on Love Island’s spin-off show “Aftersun” where he revealed he was shocked when he found out who Gemma’s famous dad, Michael Owen, was and said he even had one of his tops at home.

He said: “I can’t believe who that actually was. That’s mad. I’m a Newcastle United fan. I actually have one of his tops when he came to the club.

“That first night, we were chatting about football and her family. I was so close. I can’t believe I didn’t quite work it out.”


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Afia Tonkmor was the first Islander to be officially dumped from the villa last week after not being picked during the recoupling.

In her first interview after leaving the villa Afia said she initially fancied Dami but then moved onto Ikenna. When asked who she will miss most from the villa, Afia said she had great friendships with Amber and Indiyah and they were always cracking jokes. Afia said she thinks Luca and Gemma will be the couple to go the distance. Speaking of Gemma, Afia has addressed the big question everyone has – do the Islanders know who’s Gemma dad is?

Speaking on her Instagram Stories, Afia said she doesn’t know who Michael Owen is, and none of the Islanders seemed to be bothered about Gemma’s famous father.

She said: “If people do know – I did know before I went in because I watched her VT – but if they do know they don’t care, nobody really cares.

“I don’t know who he is. I know he’s a football guy. It was never, ever spoke about in my presence.”

Afia appeared on Heat’s TikTok where she said she thought it was “so cold” that Amber and Indiyah didn’t get a chance to speak about the Dami situation before Amber left the villa as she claims the two are “best mates.”

And most recently she appeared on Will Njobvu’s YouTube show where she revealed she regretted not trying to pursue things with Liam, who she went on a date with during her first night in the villa.

She said: “I should have pursued him, the only thing was the age, I believe he’s 22, that was the only thing.”

Afia also spilled plenty of tea, saying she was initially attracted to Dami, but when she went into the villa she realised they were “not compatible” as they had very different ideas for their future lives, mainly Afia wanting to raise vegan children.

She also said she was stunned Amber and Ikenna were voted off and thinks of all the people in the villa right now, Jay is the one who could be considered to be playing a game.

She said: “You have to sort of play the game a little bit, because you know it’s Love Island, in particular the only person I can say now who comes across like he might be playing a game is Jay.”

Afia said she’s stopped watching the show since she left but did say she fancied Remi, who then appeared on the YouTube show with her and Will sent them on a very awkward date. As a vegan, Afia said everyone in the villa was “horrified” to discover she didn’t eat meat.

When asked who she thought would make it all the way through Afia said she thought Gemma and Luca, and Paige and Jacques might surprise everyone and make it to the final.


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Remi was the second person to be dumped from the Island after not being picked up in the recoupling and promptly appeared on Aftersun where he performed a rather awkward rap.

During his post exist interview Remi said he was disappointed he didn’t get to know Indiyah and Danica more, however he said he was initially attracted to Paige. Despite only being in the villa for a few days Remi said he felt like it was his “time to leave” and walking into the villa was “magical”.

Following Indiyah and Ikenna breaking things off, Remi took to Instagram to express his annoyance at the situation as he was interested in Indiyah.

On his now deleted Instagram Stories Remi said: “Indiyah just friendzoned Ikenna?? What was the point man? it’s acc a joke.”

And in another Story he said: “So Indiyah coupled up with Ikenna just to friendzone him the next day? What the heck is going on? Last story cause I’m mad right now.”

During an Instagram Q+A session, Remi gave a bit more clarity on his feelings towards the Dami and Indiyah situation and said he was rooting for them, however he does want Jay to win the show with either Ekin-Su or Paige. When asked who he didn’t get on with in the villa Remi said Jacques and called him a “muppet”.

Remi joined Afia on Will Njobvu’s YouTube show and said he and Jacques had a number of unaired arguments in villa, and said Jacques “ruined” the experience for him.


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Ikenna was dumped from the Island, alongisde Amber following a public vote off.

Ikenna has described his time on Love Island as “Definitely the best holiday I’ve ever been on,” and said he was initially upset to be leaving but was happy to see what was going on in the outside world.

In the episode where saw Indiyah and Dami get closer, even sharing their first kiss, Ikenna said he was happy for the couple to get to know each other.

He said: “I think her next step is chatting to Dami and exploring that option and seeing where that takes them both. I’m happy for the both of them really.”

When asked who he thinks will win Love Island, Ikenna said he was backing Gemma and Luca, as Luca “genuinely likes her.” During a Q+A on his Instagram Stories Ikenna said the beds were super comfy and he would miss everyone in the villa.

Ikenna recently appeared on Will Njobvu’s YouTube show and said he thought Dami was more likely to flake on the relationship than Indiyah.

He said: “I know them personally, and I think either of them could flake. Dami more so, but he does show he really likes Indiyah. Honestly, I can’t call it. 50/50 for both of them.”

In the show Ikenna also shared how Dami was the person he was closest to in the villa and they would often go to each other for advice. During an interview with Heat magazine, Ikenna said he thinks he would have done well during the heart race challenge. Now that, I would like to see.


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Amber joined Ikenna in a double dumping following the public vote. Whilst Ikenna is happy for Dami and Indiyah to crack on, Amber still thinks something could have happened with Dami and herself.

She said: “Yes I definitely think it could have gone somewhere. I think we’re both a bit stubborn and we’re both big characters and it was working out whether we could both make compromises on that, or whether we needed to find other people!”

Amber said she was shocked to be going home but was excited for life outside of Love Island. When asked who she thinks is the strongest couple Amber agreed with Ikenna and said Gemma and Luca.

During her appearance on Aftersun, Amber said she felt Dami could have spoken to her about Indiyah before she left the villa. She said: “I feel like Dami definitely had time to pull me aside for a chat. We had some kisses in bed, like a proper snog. So he definitely had time to tell me. I was a bit shocked, I won’t lie. I literally spoke to both of them.”

Amber did mention whilst she enjoyed getting to know Dami there were some “red flags” she had with him.


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Singer Antigoni Buxton left the villa during the most recent dumping in which her fellow Islanders decided to send her home, along with Charlie, following the public vote.

Antigoni described her time on the show as “so fun, intense, emotional and quick!” She said it was a shame Charlie didn’t get to know more of the girls as Jay had already had a chance to get know quite a few.

She also said she wished she had gone for Davide originally, “I’d have gone for Davide. I knew with Davide, if it did develop, it would have been real and if it didn’t, we’d have just kept having a laugh together and getting along and whatever. I would have wanted to have got to know Jay, but not make it so easy for him, so Davide and I would have kept vibing and having a good time and also got to know Jay.”

During an interview with Good Morning Britain, Antigoni said she reckons Davide will couple up with a new girl in Casa Amor as he won’t want to potentially risk his pride.

She said: “I think Davide will come back with someone else because I don’t think he’ll risk the chance of being humiliated for a second time. But I actually don’t think Ekin will come back with somebody, which is interesting.”


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Charlie Radnedge was dumped at the same time as Antigoni and described his time on the show as “short and sweet, it’s been great though. I literally loved it, such a good experience.”

He also echoed Antigoni’s point and said he wished there had been more girls in the villa for him to get to know.

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