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Right, when is Casa Amor coming?

As if this season needed any more drama

Casa Amor has produced some purely chaotic moments over the years, from Dani crying over the postcard of Jack, to Lillie outing Liam once he arrived back in the main villa, it is guaranteed to bring tears and the occasional shouting match. Even though this season doesn’t seem to need anymore drama, who doesn’t love an injection of chaos? So when is Casa Amor actually coming to Love Island 2022?

In 2017 the Love Island producers introduced Casa Amor as a mid season twist in which the girls and boys in the main villa are split up and one group is sent to a second villa, conveniently called Casa Amor. Both houses spend a few days with a bunch of newbies of the opposite sex, getting to know them and test their existing relationships.

Basically there’s a lot of “could you be happier” and “my head’s been turned”, and the boys treating it as an extended lads holiday. After a few days, the residents of Casa Amor return to the main villa, either coming back to their original partner or returning with a new Islander.

We’re only a few weeks into the 2022 series and people are begging for Casa Amor to return, mainly because they want to see the chaos Ekin-Su will cause.

So when is Casa Amor coming?

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No official date has been given for Casa Amor, however given when it’s previously been part of the show, we can make a pretty good estimation.

Usually Casa Amor happens in the midway point of the series, around week four or five. Last year the boys were sent to a new villa at the beginning of week five.

So given the usual timeline and this series running for eight weeks, Casa Amor is likely to happen either the week of 4th July or 11th July, and will last a few days.

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