12 years on, what are the cast of Victorious up to now?

It’s no doubt Ariana Grande is living the dream

Hollywood Arts is the school we all wished we went to. Yes, it wasn’t a real school, but one can dream! The students of Hollywood Arts got up to all sorts and produced some of the best songs, and we all know Beggin’ on your Knees is the greatest. We all so desperately wanted to join in on the shenanigans of Tori, Trina, Beck, Cat, Jade, André and Robbie. Since the show aired 12 years ago, the cast have been getting up to everything and anything you can think of. From a two-time Grammy winner to television stars, this is what the cast of Nickelodeon’s Victorious have been up to:

Victoria Justice (Tori Vega)

Victoria Justice now who was in the show Victorious

via Instagram @victoriajustice

Victoria Justice played Tori Vega in the Nickelodeon show and she has not slowed down since! After the show ended in 2013, she starred in multiple TV shows, musicals and movies. In 2015, she played the lead in Eye Candy, an MTV drama as Lindy Sampson. She starred alongside Laverne Cox in the 2016 musical movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Recently, she has been the lead in the movie Afterlife of the Party and is currently in Netflix’s A Perfect Pairing. It has been reported that currently Victoria is single and is focused on herself and her career.

Ariana Grande (Cat Valentine)

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Household name Ariana Grande has done exceptionally well for herself since the show ended. Following the show’s end, she got her own spin-off series called Sam and Cat. Ariana has left her acting days behind her and is a critically acclaimed singer, with two Grammy awards under her belt. Back in 2021, Ariana Grande married her long-term boyfriend Dalton Gomez after they ended up in lockdown together in 2020.

Elizabeth Gillies (Jade West)

via Instagram @lizgillz

Elizabeth Gillies already made her mark in the acting world before starring as Jade West in Victorious from her roles on Broadway. Since the show she had small acting parts in films but is now most well-known for her role as Fallon Carrington in the CW’s Dynasty. In 2020, she married music producer Michael Corcoran at a private ceremony.

Avan Jogia (Beck Oliver)

Avan Jogia now who was in Victorious

via Instagram @jogia

Avan played Beck, who we all had a crush on and had no shame in admitting it. Since the show, Avan Jogia played the role of Tutankhamun in the historical series Tut in 2015. Most recently, he played Leon S. Kennedy in Resident Evil alongside Kaya Scodelario. Avan has been with long-time girlfriend Cleopatra Coleman since 2017.

Daniella Monet (Trina Vega)

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Trina’s one-woman musical Chicago was light years ahead of its time, it was just that iconic. Daniella Monet was a Nickelodeon kid through and through. As well as Victorious, she starred in Zoey 101, the live action version of Fairly Odd Parents and Fred 2. After Victorious, she was on the host on sketch comedy show Awesomeness TV. Daniella hasn’t been in much since her Nickelodeon days and is currently engaged to Andrew Gardner and they have two children together.

Matt Bennett (Robbie Shapiro)

via Instagram @mattbennett

Matt Bennett played the role of Robbie Shapiro in Victorious alongside his sidekick Rex. Since the show, Matt has starred in the hit film Bridesmaids and has featured alongside Ariana Grande in multiple of her music videos. He is currently single.

Leon Thomas III (André Harris)

Leon Thomas III now who was in Victorious

via Instagram @leonthomas

Leon played André Harris and to many people’s surprise was the voice of Tyrone in The Backyardigans! Since Victorious, he has focused more on his music career and has worked alongside Drake and Ariana Grande. In 2018, he released his album Genesis. He is in a relationship with singer Alia Kadir.

Michael Eric Reid (Sinjin Van Cleef)

Sinjin Van Cleef was adored and feared by many on Victorious. Since the show, he has appeared on Saturday Night Live, Last Call with Carson Daly and the Late Show with David Letterman. He has starred in A LOT of horror films and is currently single.

Eric Lange (Erwin Sikowitz)

Eric Lange now who was in Victorious

via Instagram @mrericlange

The teacher we all dreamt we had at Hollywood Arts was Sikowitz. Eric Lange was already an established actor before appearing on Victorious. Recently he starred in the Netflix dramas Unbelievable and Narcos. He is currently in the Netflix horror show Brand New Cherry Flavor as Lou Burke. He has two children and has been married to Lisa Sabatino in 2013.

Featured image credit via @victoriajustice and @lizgillies on Instagram.

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