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Quiz: How well do you really remember Glee?

Only Kurt will be getting full marks

It’s been seven years since Glee aired its final episode on FOX, and in all honesty I’m still not over the chaos those six seasons were. With over 700 songs performed, countless tears from Rachel, and at least 20 instances when Mr Schue should have been fired, it’s an achievement we even made it to the end. So now that we’ve had a few years to recover, how well do really remember the fever dream that was Glee?

We’ve created a trivia quiz to test your knowledge on all six seasons of the show. There’s some easy questions, like which Broadway show Rachel got the lead role in, and some more tricky ones, like who was the first person to audition for the Glee club?

If you manage to get full marks, then you’re a certified Gleek, someone with so much Glee knowledge that even Sue Sylvester would be too impressed to throw a slushy in your face.

Think you’re a true Glee fan? Take this Glee trivia quiz to find out:

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