Pictured is Love Island star Amber who has been receiving hate

‘She’s so fake’: Love Island’s Amber Beckford has been receiving hate comments online

Amber’s sister Haylie has come to her defence and has slammed haters on social media

Current Love Island contestant Amber Beckford has been receiving hate comments under her Instagram posts during her time in the villa. Amber’s sister, Haylie, has spoken out on social media following the abuse Amber has been receiving. During last night’s show, Haylie shared a screenshot of comments from Amber’s Instagram, some of them included calling Amber “ugly”, a “horse” and “fake”. Amber has received a wave of hate on social media after a clip went viral of her yawning and supposedly rolling her eyes while Ekin-Su was talking to the Islanders about kissing Jay on the terrace while she was still in a couple with Davide.

Amber’s sister, Haylie Beckford, has been managing her Instagram and other social media accounts while Amber is in the villa and has come to her sister’s defence. In a tweet, Haylie said: “There is one thing which is having an opinion of Amber and that’s fair enough but when you post comments like this. This is where we need to draw the line. Absolutely disgusting and this isn’t the worst of them.” Haylie attached a screenshot of comments, one saying: “She is the worst girl man so stuck up and rude.”

In a series of tweets, Haylie defended her sister during Saturday night’s episode of Love Island’s Unseen Bits. She said: “In most/all clips I’ve seen of Amber and Indiyah, they always seem to be close and get on really well. Unseen bits is the best for seeing who Amber is as a person. It’s not her fault the editing is the way it is. Give her a f***ing break.”

Haylie claims she has received DMs from people watching the show, telling her that they hate Amber. She said: “People have so much front and chest to be DM’ing me and telling me they hate my sister. How do you hate someone you don’t know? Make it make sense.” She continued to say, “The same people who scream be kind be sending hate to Amber. Like f*** off.”

Featured image credit via @amberbeckford on Instagram.

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