Danica Taylor Love Island 2022

Meet Danica: The 21-year-old dancer and latest Love Island bombshell to enter the villa

She says unhygienic people and arrogance gives her the ick

On Friday’ episode of Love Island 2022 we were treated to a brand new bombshell – Danica Taylor. During the episode she said how keen she was on Luca and Jacques and then was left making the first choice in the recoupling.

The drama seems to be heating up quite a bit and tonight we’ll find out who she chose in the recoupling. Here’s everything you need to know about Danica, the latest bombshell to enter the Love Island 2022 villa.


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New Love Island bombshell is 21-year-old Danica

Danica Taylor is 21 and a dancer from Leicester. She’s just finished uni and says now is the perfect time for her to go on Love Island as she’s been single for a year. Just like we saw on Friday night, Danica isn’t afraid of stepping on any toes in the villa. She says: “I am more than happy to go after what I want. I feel like I am quite a relatable person. I’ve come from a small town but I’ve got a lot in me. I like to be silly. I’ve got an immature side and a mature side.”

Danica says she’s the type of girlfriend who is down for anything

Danica says she loves doing stuff with her partners, everything from deep conversations to silly activities. She says: “If you say let’s go canoeing all day even though I am quite a glam girl, I am down for it.” Danica says if she’s with someone then she’s with someone and likes being present. She says: “Silly things, nice things like going on holiday and for expensive meals. I will love you and I’ll keep you very entertained.”

She says she needs someone who can match her energy

After saying what she’s like in a relationship, Danica says she’s looking for someone to match that energy. She says her last relationship was long but her ex didn’t match the energy she needed. She says: “I need someone who can match my energy. I am an extrovert and in my previous relationship he was very introverted so we didn’t meet on a level.”

‘My mum thinks I’m a bit of a princess’


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Danica says her mum thinks of her as a princess, dramatic and someone who always believes they’re right – she also says her mum isn’t wrong. Danica reckons her mates would say she’s not someone who hides from drama or arguments and that she’s a good friend. She says: “I am very good with advice, I am quite wise beyond my years. For a 21-year-old, I’ve got a slight maturity about me which is quite good when giving advice to people.”

If she had one chance to impress someone she’d shake her bum

This is a little bit iconic.

When it comes to competition Danica says she’ll always back herself


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She says when it comes to dating, she doesn’t see competition. Danica described herself as “very self assured” and she’s aware of what she can bring to the table. Danica says: “There’s obviously going to be competition because there are guys in there that I like that are already interested in other girls but I have no fear that I won’t be able to turn heads and I am happy to step on a few toes.”

‘Arrogance gives me the ick’

When talking about what gives her the ick, Danica first says it’s unhygienic people but then added arrogance gives her the ick despite not being an “icky person”. She says: “I either like you or I don’t. If I like you, I just accept you for who you are.”

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