Ranked: Which Real Housewife of Dubai has the most Instagram followers?

It’s tight competition between the top three

The latest Real Housewives franchise, The Real Housewives of Dubai, recently debuted and has already brought dinner table arguments, luxury homes, and a hen party on a yacht. The series features six Housewives who are already gaining massive Instagram followings.

The six Housewives, Caroline Stanbury, Caroline Brooks, Chanel Ayan, Lesa Milan, Nina Ali and Sara Al Madini, are all verified on Instagram and between them have over two million followers.

Naturally their Instagrams are full of hints of their lives in Dubai – there’s the occasional camel, sky scrapper backdrops for their night out pictures, and enviable beach shots.

But of all the women who has the most Instagram followers? These are the Real Housewives of Dubai ranked by their Instagram followers:

6. Lesa Milan

via Instagram @lesa.milan

Instagram handle: @lesa.milan

Followers: 142,000

The Real Housewife of Dubai with the least amount of followers is Lesa Milan, but I have no idea why as her Instagram is full of fire pictures.

As well as her outfit photos, Lesa also regularly posts pictures of her three children, Maximillian, Sebastian and Kristian, and her British husband Richard Hall.

On her Instagram Lesa has a number of Story Highlights available including one dedicated to Real Housewives of Dubai, another to fitness, and one for her trips abroad.

5. Chanel Ayan

via Instagram @chanelayan

Instagram handle: @chanelayan

Followers: 223,000

Next up is Chanel Ayan who is certainly brining the drama to the Real Housewives. So far Chanel has just over 200,000 followers on Instagram.

On her account Chanel regularly posts photos in her incredible designer outfits, as well as pictures and videos from her work as a model including photos from her shoots with Vogue Arabia.

4. Caroline Brooks

via Instagram @carolinedxb

Instagram handle: @carolinedxb

Followers: 253,000

Caroline Brooks, or Brooks, as she is regularly referred to on the show has just over 250,000 followers on Instagram.

On her account Caroline has a real variety of content. There’s wholesome pictures of her son Adam, photos from Cannes where Caroline is wearing some incredible gowns, and pictures with her friends in Dubai.

3. Nina Ali

via Instagram @nina.ali

Instagram handle: @nina.ali 

Followers: 538,000

This is when the follower numbers of the Housewives really jumps up, with Housewife Nina Ali having 537,000 Instagram followers.

As a mum of three, Nina’s account features a lot of pictures of her three children Sophia, Nour, and Ayan, along with her husband Munaf.

Nina also posts pictures of herself in incredible outfits and a link to her other Instagram account which is dedicated to her fruit cake business.

2. Sara Al Madini

via Instagram @sara_almadani_

Instagram handle: @sara_almadani_

Followers: 545,000

With just a few thousand followers more than Nina, Sara is the second most followed Housewife of Dubai on Instagram.

On her account Sara regularly posts outfit pictures, photos with celebrities like Jason Derulo, and she’s also shared a picture of herself in a t-shirt which says “Johnny Depp is innocent.”

Sara also posts photos from her travels and the occasional picture with her son.

1. Caroline Stanbury

via Instagram @carolinestanbury

Instagram handle: @carolinestanbury

Followers: 587,000

And the most followed Real Housewife of Dubai is Caroline Stanbury, who has already appeared in a Bravo show “Ladies of London”, which may account for her near 600,000 followers.

On her account Caroline posts a lot of photos with her new husband Sergio Carrallo, their travels around the world, and many posts dedicated to her shoe collection with Black Suede Studio.

Follower numbers correct at time of publishing.

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