biggest real housewives salaries

Ranked: The biggest ever salaries in Real Housewives history

Nene Leakes was paid nearly $3million for one season of RHOA

The Real Housewives universe is filled with rich women with big net worths. Sometimes they’ve made their money from lucrative businesses, other times they share their wealth with their husbands and occasionally its from their giant salaries from the show.

Whilst many housewives are paid a relatively small salary for their first season on their show, by the end of their time they could be earning millions for just one season of the show.

The iconic and OG housewives like Bethenny Frankel, Teresa Giudice and Nene Leakes have all been paid over $1million for appearing on just one season of Real Housewives. And thanks to their impressive ratings The Real Housewives of Atlanta women all have a very impressive salary for appearing on TV and shading each other.

These are the biggest ever salaries in Real Housewives history:

10. Melissa Gorga – $750,000

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Melissa Gorga has spent 12 years on Real Housewives of New Jersey, first appearing as a guest on season two before being upgraded to a regular on season three.

Though she definitely wasn’t getting paid $750k when she first started now she is said to be on $750k per season of Real Housewives of New Jersey.

9. Tamra Judge – $900,000

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Tamra Judge was an early housewife on Real Housewives of Orange County, first appearing in the series in 2007 where she claimed she was paid $7,000 for her first season and $50,000 for her second.

Though she has now left the show Tamra’s salary for her last seasons was reportedly $900,000 per season.

8. Denise Richards – $1million

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Though she was only on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for two seasons Denise Richards certainly made an impact.

When she signed on for season nine she agreed to do four seasons, each paying her $1million for appearing.

She could have made $4million however she left after two seasons on the show.

7. Teresa Giudice – $1.1million

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Real Housewives of New Jersey OG cast member Teresa is currently being paid $1.1million per season she films.

However when she first appeared in the show Teresa was making around $80,000 per season.

6. Bethenny Frankel – $1million plus

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Bethenny Frankel is an iconic cast member of the Real Housewives of New York however when she made her debut on the show in season one she was only paid $7,250.

As the years went on however Bethenny managed to get a very decent salary and her highest salary is reported to be just over $1million per season.

5. Phaedra Parks – $1.3million

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Phaedra joined the Real Housewives of Atlanta in season three and stayed for six seasons, eventually leaving the show after season nine.

And by the end of her time on RHOA she was reportedly paid $1.3million per season.

4. Porsha Williams – $1.3 million

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Porsha has just finished her last season on Real Housewives of Atlanta and she was reportedly paid $1.3million in her final seasons.

She’s been apart of the show since season five and has certainly made an impact.

3. Cynthia Bailey – $1.8million

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Now we’re really onto the mega salaries. Cynthia Bailey joined Real Housewives of Atlanta in season three and only just announced her departure from the show after 10 seasons.

Since season 12 Cynthia was being paid $1.8million per season. Not jealous at all.

2. Kandi Burruss – $2.3million

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Kandi is practically a RHOA OG cast member as she joined in season two of the show and is signed onto appear in season 14.

Thanks to her longevity on the show she is now paid $2.3million per season.

1. Nene Leakes – $2.85million

biggest real housewives salaries

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And the prize for the biggest ever Real Housewives salary of course goes to iconic housewife Nene Leakes.

Nene was an OG on RHOA and was initially paid just $5,000 for her first season. By season 12 Nene was paid an incredible salary of $2.85million.

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