In pictures: Grenfell Tower memorial service and silent walk five years since the fire

Hundreds stood in solidarity with the victims of the Grenfell fire

Five years ago on June 14, the Grenfell Tower block went up in flames and killed 72 people. Since then, survivors and victims have been doing all they can to get justice for those affected by the Grenfell fire. Yesterday, people gathered at the base of Grenfell Tower to remember those who died in 2017 and joined together for a memorial service put together by Grenfell United. In attendance at the service were survivors and families of victims of the fire, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and grime superstar Stormzy.

There are still 111 high-rise buildings in England with ACM cladding where remediation work has not yet been completed, leaving thousands of people living in buildings with dangerous cladding and defects. The government has also recently rejected a recommendation from phase one of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry which advised the government “to place a legal obligation on building owners to outline personal emergency evacuation plans for residents in the events of a fire.”

‘72 people dead where are charges?’

Shortly before the service began to take place, a van was driving up and down Bomore road, opposite the tower with a screen saying: “Grenfell. 72 people dead where are charges? #Grenfellnextofkin”.

‘Forever in our hearts’

Before the memorial service began at 4pm, people began to gather to the base of the tower, wearing shades of green to honour the victims and survivors of the fire.

‘We’re here to support with our voice, the survivors and the bereaved’

Esme Page runs a charity in Cornwall, which following the fire in 2017, provided holidays in Cornwall for the families of those affected by the fire.

‘Justice will prevail’

Before the service began, people were leaving messages of support at the base of the tower. Some messages read: “Never forgotten”, and “Justice will prevail”.

Pictures of signs at the Grenfell Tower memorial service

Memorial service begins

The memorial service began at 4:30 pm, with actor Tim Downie beginning the ceremony with a speech. He said: “It’s a night we shall never forget. The night that ripped families’ worlds apart. A night that was avoidable, where we lost 72 innocent men, women and children. We’re here today to mark the fifth anniversary of the Grenfell Tower fire.”

Pictures of the Grenfell Tower memorial service

Stormzy spotted paying respects

During the service, UK rapper Stormzy arrived and began paying his respects before joining the families inside the memorial service.

Pictured is Stormzy during the Grenfell Tower memorial servuce

Balloons set off into the sky

A group of young people who had lost a family member during the fire, let go of a green balloon into the sky for each person they lost.

People began to congregate for the silent walk

Those in attendance at the memorial made their way outside Notting Hill Methodist Church where people were holding signs and placards.

Pictured is people during the Grenfell Tower memorial silent walk

Walk commences at 6:30pm

The silent walk organised by Grenfell United began at 6:30 pm. The street fell silent as supporters and families of the victims began to walk.

Pictured is people during the Grenfell Tower memorial silent walk

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