Stormzy among the hundreds who gathered to mark five years since the Grenfell Tower fire

‘You can’t change the past, but you can change the future. Never forget’

Stormzy was among the hundreds of people who gathered in the shadow of Grenfell Tower to mark five years since the fire that claimed 72 lives.

A seated memorial service took place at the base of the tower for survivors of the disaster, as well as the friends and family of those who tragically lost their lives.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were also in attendance, laying a wreath towards the end of the service.

Grenfell Tower

Attendees were encouraged to lay wreaths at the base of the tower

Doors were opened at the back of the gathering so that hundreds more people could watch the multi-faith service.

Just after proceedings began, Stormzy arrived, making his way through crowds to join those paying their respects.


Prayers, recitals, a balloon release and other tributes were held, the most moving of which was a poem read by one school child. The final line was followed by loud applause. “You can’t change the past, but you can change the future. Never forget,” she said.

Aniesha was among those who’d come to pay their respects. She works for Inquest, an organisation campaigning for justice and accountability for what happened at Grenfell.

Five years after the Grenfell Tower disaster, Aniesha told The Tab that she doesn’t think enough has been done since that fateful day. She’s also frustrated that 111 buildings in England still have the same cladding that led to the fire spreading so quickly around Grenfell Tower.

“It’s been too slow. We’ve seen what can happen. I don’t see why, in five years, that hasn’t changed,” she said. “A lot of people’s lives are at risk. For anyone who’s had to look for housing, especially in London and around the country, it’s something that you think about and worry about and there’s no reason for it to be so slow.”

Also in attendance was Esme, who runs a charity providing holidays in Cornwall for those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire. Like Aniesha, she thinks that not enough has been done since the disaster.

“We’re here from Cornwall to support with our voice, the survivors and the bereaved in their fight for justice,” Esme told The Tab.

Grenfell Tower

A silent march was held after the service

Following the conclusion of the service, a silent march was held, led by Grenfell United. Some people raised green hearts in the air while others held placards that read: “Justice for Grenfell.”

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