Omg, someone has made a map telling you all the Prets that sell iced coffee

Just in time for the heatwave


Just in time for the heat wave meant to hit the UK this week in a literal warm up for summer, someone has made a map of all the Pret branches in the UK that *do* actually sell iced coffee and smoothies.

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The map outlines that there are actually 242 branches across the UK of our beloved Pret that sell iced coffee. Naturally the map for London is pretty dense but there are locations across England, Scotland and Wales that also sell cold drinks.

Here’s how to find your nearest Pret that sells iced coffee, on a handy map:

In order to find a Pret near to you selling frosty beverages, just click here to see the map.

Then zoom in to your local area on the map and spot the the nearest branch.

The map also allows you to search via counties and cities in the side bar to make it easier for you to track down your local icy Pret.

I know where I’ll be spending all my money this summer. Starbucks? I don’t know her.

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