Only a true Pret A Manger connoisseur will get full marks in this trivia quiz

Bet you have the £20 coffee card

Pret is a weird one. It’s undeniably the Waitrose of the coffee chain world, with fresh rustic breads and a focus on quality coffee, yet it doesn’t have that snobbish air to it that you’d expect. It’s actually pretty no-frills when you dip in and out for a drink and a bit to eat, so no wonder it has such a cult following amongst stressed-out commuters and teenage girls alike. However, just how strong is the Pret A Manger fandom, I ponder?

Well, below are 10 trivia questions based upon everyone’s favourite coffee and food chain. I assure you – you’re going to have to be a Pret superfan to score anything above seven.

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