Robin Buckley Stranger Things

Everyone would die for Robin Buckley from Stranger Things and these 19 tweets prove it

Whoever had the idea to introduce Robin deserves a big kiss

Whoever gave the greenlight to write in Robin Buckley as a character in Stranger Things deserves the world’s biggest forehead kiss ever. Robin is undeniably one of the best characters and I would die for her. She’s funny, charismatic and criminally hot. Plus she brings in the queer representation Stranger Things so desperately needed. Fans of the show are entirely obsessed with Robin Buckley from Stranger Things and these 19 tweets prove it.

1. This biggest kiss

2. I’ll obsess over Robin and Max until I die

3. If Vecna gets Robin I will throw hands

4. Iconic duo

5. I want to be in their gang


7. I am in love

8. Fear Street was so good

9. Love

10. I will always be thankful for that

11. I love them so much

12. More people need to get on the Robin hype

13. It’s mine too

14. Mrs Wheeler lmaooo

15. End of

16. Keep her SAFE

17. Queen

18. You don’t even need to watch it to love her

19. She bloody better

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