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Debunking the internal shower: What are the health benefits and does it *unclog* you?

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Recently people on TikTok have been sharing their toilet habits and apparently if you find yourself unable to poo, the latest internal shower drink trend is for you. But what health benefits does it have and what does it actually do to your body to make you go to the toilet? Here’s everything you need to know about the internal shower trend, including the recipe.

Here’s how to make the internal shower drink:

The person who originally made this TikTok trend is Dr Daryl. In order to make the drink you will need water, lemon and a load of chia seeds. Here’s how to make it:

• Fill a glass with water

• Juice one lemon and add that in

• Stri in two tablespoons of chia seeds

• Wait for 15 minutes so the chia seeds expand then drink it

So if you didn’t know, chia seeds expand into a gel-like consistency. That’s the thing which apparently helps move oo through your system. The lemon’s acidic juice apparently also helps to stimulate your gut according to Dana Ellis Hunns, a senior clinical dietitian.

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The internal shower is meant to work within minutes

You might have seen a few people on TikTok who have had the drink and been to the toilet three times within the space of an hour. But don’t worry, not everyone gets an urge to rush to the toilet.

If you haven’t been to the toilet by the next day, pour yourself another drink. It’s time to repeat the process if you find you still haven’t managed to poo. Also don’t worry, everyone gets backed up.

What does the internal shower actually do?

Right so the recipe is meant to “shower” down your digestive tract and move things along and make your bowel movements more productive.

Can you eat too many chia seeds?

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Chia seeds are very high in fibre so like any other similar food, they can cause discomfort if too many are consumed. A doctor told Health: “If you take too much chia seeds, it can definitely cause quite a bit of bloating and diarrhoea.” It’s recommended you don’t go over two tablespoons until your body is used to that amount of fibre.

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