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Here is the cliffhanger ending of Everything I Know About Love explained

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After seven episodes of dancing, one night stands, a trip to New York, and friendship fall outs, BBC’s Everything I Know About Love finished on an emotional cliffhanger ending.

The series, which is based on Dolly Alderton’s memoir of the same name, tells the story of four women in their early 20s who have just moved to London. Everything I Know About Love follows their relationships, career dreams, and nights out.

It focuses on the character of Maggie who is obsessed with being young and living for every opportunity alongside her best friend from school Birdy. However, as the series progress Birdy gets a new boyfriend who she becomes increasingly attached to, abandoning her friends for a “grown-up” life. The final episode of the series focuses on the friendship breakup of Birdy and Maggie.

But what actually happened in the final episode? And is there going to be a second series? This is everything we know:

What happened in the ending of Everything I Know About Love?

The penultimate episode of Everything I Know About Love ended with the four women falling out, and Birdy telling the group she would be moving out to live with Nathan. Amara has quit her job but loses out on the dance audition and Nell visits her boss in a hotel room. Basically it looks like a total disaster, and Maggie is also facing losing her job.

The final episode opens in New York with the revelation Maggie has not been fired and instead joined the crew of Heirs and Graces for filming a special episode in New York. She stays on after the rest of the crew leaves to explore New York.

In the short time she’s there she manages to lose her passport, meets a French guy who wants her to sleep with his neighbour, and befriends a cat.

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However just as she’s about to give up hope of having a good time she mets a local called Patrick. The two have a brief and romantic 48 hours together in which Patrick tells Maggie he loves her.

Although this is all going on in the forefront of the episode, in the background Maggie is constant grappling with losing Birdy as her best friend. She calls her one last time to say she won’t be returning back in time to say goodbye, and explains the pain of their breakup to Patrick.

Maggie flies back to England and though we perhaps all hoped Birdy would meet her at the airport, it is instead Maggie’s mother who collects her and gives her some wise advice on love. Her mum takes Maggie back to her empty Camden house and waits for her to get her things for going home.

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Inside the house there’s with a card from Nell and Amara, who are presumably back at their respective homes for Christmas.

Maggie goes into Birdy’s empty bedroom and sits in the corner and cries, with no resolution to the state of their friendship.

Is there going to be a season two of Everything I Know About Love?

Everything I Know About Love ended on a very open cliffhanger. We don’t know what happened between Nell and her boss, we don’t get to see what happened with Amara and her date, and trying to make it as a dancer. And most importantly we don’t know where Maggie and Birdy stand. All of these unanswered questions means there is plenty of content which could fill a potential second season, however the BBC has not confirmed anything yet.

Readers of Dolly Alderton’s memoir will know the book ends much later in the women’s relationship. The person who inspired Birdy’s character breaks up with her boyfriend and she and Dolly (who is the inspiration for Maggie) repair their friendship and go on holiday together.

Dolly also stops working on the TV show and begins her successful career as a writer, which is not covered in this series of Everything I Know About Love.

Basically, if you’re reading this BBC, I desperately need a second season.

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