Former Love Island contestants and influencers show their support for Rachel Finni

‘We are the only people who know how that show goes so I don’t think anyone should be dragging anyone’

Former Love Island contestant Rachel Finni has received support from former contestants on the show and influencers after she was the subject of humiliation on an Instagram live. Ex-Islanders, Brad McClelland, Tyler Cruickshank, Aaron Francis, and Jake Cornish all laughed and joked about Rachel being a bombshell on their season of the show. Two of the four on the live have since apologised for their actions, with Tyler Cruickshank saying he “will be taking the time to reflect” on his involvement and what he “could have done differently”.

Rachel has said she will not be accepting their apologies. She said: “Do what you can, put out your PR statements, protect your back but the only real things to come out of your mouths was the hate and the discrimination. This is to save your backs, it’s not real, it’s not authentic. We all know how you really feel, and I’m done.”

Kaz Kamwi

Kaz Kamwi, who was coupled up with Tyler Cruickshank during the show, was the first to condemn the actions of the boys on Instagram live and directly @’ed them on her story, calling for them to apologise to Rachel.

She said: “I generally don’t get involved in much, but I really wish people would honestly take a step back and think about how harmful their words and actions are and can be. We all know what public humiliation feels like so why are you going out of your way to embarrass and put someone else down? Every single one of you owe Rachel an apology. Publicly and privately. What a bunch of clowns. So unprovoked and for why? You stay true to you Rachel Finni. You deserve way more respect than this. You queen. Love you and so do so many others. A bombshell in our eyes.”

Picture of Kaz Kamwi who showed her support for Love Island star Rachel Finni

via Instagram @kazkmawi

Shannon Singh

Former Islander Shannon Singh, who was dumped from the villa after just two days, has also shown her support for Rachel. In a series of Instagram stories, Shannon shared that Rachel is one of the few Islanders from her season that she still keeps in contact with.

She said: “I wasn’t going to really address it on my story, but I commented on Murad’s TikTok and I’m still a bit shocked about what happened. Rachel doesn’t deserve that at all. I love her so much she is one of the fair few I like to keep in touch with. She’s such a beautiful soul and she’s obviously gorgeous. We all had a once in a lifetime experience, give and take people were on the show for a day, two days, three days, five weeks, the full shebang. We are the only people who know how that show goes and we also know the repercussions of trolling, what people say on the internet, so I don’t think anyone should be dragging anyone and I just think it was so unnecessary.

“She is definitely owed an apology. I don’t know if there’s any point now because they turned their comments off instead of actually apologising to her, so don’t know if it’s going to be a genuine one. But just shows what type of humans these people are and that’s one of the reasons why I completely distanced myself from the show. Rachel just didn’t deserve that at all.”

Picture of Shannon Singh who showed her support for Love Island star Rachel Finni

via Instagram @shannonsinghhh

Bryony Briscoe and Tom Malone

Gogglebox’s Tom Malone and girlfriend Byrony Briscoe both shared their support and love for Rachel on their Instagrams. Sharing a video of Rachel to her story, Bryony said: “You are immaculate vibes. Keep smiling beautiful.” On Tom’s Instagram, he said: “Shout out to Rachel Finni. One of the most humble and genuine people I’ve met in this industry. You deserve so much more respect than you were shown last night. You’re a real one.”

via Instagram @tommalonejr

Murad Merali

Back in April, Rachel featured on Murad Merali’s podcast where she shared that she was told she was only put in the villa because of the backlash Love Island faced due to the lack of diversity on the show. On social media, Murad tweeted: “Did they not learn from what happened with Yewande? When past Islanders were mocking her and they were rightly dragged through the mud. We will go again for Rachel or any person being unnecessarily ganged up on. Move.”

via Instagram @murad_merali

Featured image credits via Instagram @kazkamwi and @shannonsinghhh.

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