Ex Love Island stars apologise for mocking and laughing at Rachel Finni

Rachel has not accepted any apology and has called them ‘disgusting’


Love Island star Rachel Finni was mocked by four of her former co-stars on an Instagram live where they laughed and joked about her being a bombshell on the series. Ex-Islanders Brad McClelland, Tyler Cruickshank, Aaron Francis, and Jake Cornish all laughed at a comment saying Rachel was not a bombshell. Rachel has since slammed the four on her Instagram, along with other ex-Islanders and influencers who have come to Rachel’s defence. Two of the boys in the live, Brad McClelland, who was briefly coupled up with Rachel on Love Island, and Tyler Cruickshank who came in fourth place with Kaz Kamwi, have issued an apology to Rachel on their Instagram stories. Jake Cornish and Aaron Francis have yet to issue a statement.

Brad McClelland

Brad McClelland was coupled with Rachel during her time in the villa. During the Instagram live he read out a comment that said: “Really? Rachel, yet again not a bombshell.” Afterwards, him and the other three on the live burst into laughter following the comment about Rachel.

Brad has issued an apology to Rachel last night. He said: “I want to apologise to Rachel and any others for any feelings that were hurt during our Instagram live the other night. I have rewatched the video back and can see how this was perceived. This upon reflection was not the way to behave and was 100 per cent not my intention to hurt or upset her and those who know me, know I am not that type of person. I have since reached out to Rachel personally and apologised for any hurt that I have caused. From the bottom of my heart, I really am sorry.”
Brad, who was on Love Island on Rachel has given her an apology

via Instagram @brad_mcclell

Tyler Cruickshank

Tyler, who finished fourth place on the reality show last year was another on the live who laughed at the comment made about Rachel. Like Brad, he also took to Instagram give an apologise to Rachel.

He said: “I’m sad and disappointed to understand that my reaction to the comments made during an Instagram live with three fellow Islanders have upset and offended another individual. I appreciate how this has been received and affected others. I have made an attempt to speak with Rachel directly and will be available to talk to her when she’s ready. It has also come to my attention that Rachel has been subject to hurtful comments across various platforms on a number of occasions – I have not been a party to this and would not condone nor support behaviour of this nature. I will be taking the time to reflect on my involvement in this situation and what I could have done differently.”

via Instagram @tylercruickshank_

Jake Cornish

Jake was coupled up with Liberty for majority of the last season of Love Island, before they both left the villa. A spokesperson for Jake said: “Jake does not condone any form of bullying. Having been a victim of it himself he is fully aware of the impact that it can have on someone and was not aware of the comments that were being made during the Instagram live. He wishes Rachel all the best.”

Jake posted to his Instagram story to apologise to Rachel. He said: “Guys I am sorry for anyone I have offended. I know I made a mistake. It was truly unintentional. I would never want to hurt anyone’s feelings. I’m truly sorry.”

via Instagram @jakecornish7

Aaron Francis

Aaron Francis also posted an apology to Rachel on his Instagram story. He said: “When we make mistakes it’s important to own them. Giggling along to hurtful comments was wrong and I’m sorry. No ifs. No buts. I’m sorry and I will do better.”

Rachel has responded to the apologies she has received privately and publicly from those on the live. On a series of posts on her Instagram story, she said: “I want to make something very clear right now. The way some of the apologies I received were worded were absolute jokes. These statements that have been put out is to just save your backs. How dare you make it seem like though you’ve apologised, it’s not been accepted. I am not right with anyone that has been involved in anything that has been said about me. I never will. I’ve spent the entire day at work trying to avoid speaking about it. All I’m saying is, you can apologise but it can’t be received. I’m not receiving any of these apologies, I’m not taking any of these false PR statements to save your back.

“You are all disgusting; the evidence is out there that you are all disgusting. People trying to deter from their involvement in it, just know that we never had any relationship anyway, never had any friendship anyway. This is not something I wanted to talk about after my last stories, but I will say this: I have no involvement, no forgiveness to any of these people. It has happened multiple times before and they’ll do it again. Do what you can, put out your PR statements, protect your back but the only real things to come out of your mouths was the hate and the discrimination. This is to save your backs, it’s not real, it’s not authentic. We all know how you really feel, and I’m done.”

The Tab has reached out to Aaron for comment.

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