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So, what is a Spotify Pie Chart and how do you get it?

It’s like Spotify Wrapped!! But not as good

Ask around, and anyone will tell you the biggest international holiday of the year happens in December.

Christmas?! No, you fools. Spotify Wrapped. We wait 12 gruelling months just to see which genres we’ve listened to the most – and if you’re anything like me, your “Soothing Cornish Rain” playlist probably hijacks it every single year.

Apparently, though, the feature has arrived six months early. Sort of. There’s a new tool called Spotify Pie which breaks down your music for you. This is how it works:

What is Spotify Pie?

So, the chart doesn’t actually belong to Spotify. The site is externally run by UCLA student Darren Huang.

The feature literally creates a pie chart with your most-listened-to genres, as well as your top 20 artists. Like this:

Spotify Pie has since gone viral on both Twitter and Instagram – and there’s a good chance you’ve seen one of your friends make one for themselves. But, how exactly do you get to see your chart?

How can I see my chart?

All you need to do is visit Darren’s website, log into your Spotify and wait for the magic to happen. Next, you press “agree” to the data permissions, and there you go. A freshly-baked Spotify Pie, complete with your favourite artists.

Your pie chart will refresh every month with a new list of musicians and genres to choose from.

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Featured image via Spotify Pie before edits.