This student wrote her dissertation in 13 hours and submitted one minute before the deadline

In a word: chaos

Every student knows the feeling of leaving their coursework to the last minute, probably telling their housemates that “diamonds are made under pressure” as they head to the library for a last minute cram. But what you’re about to read is on a different scale. This student did her dissertation in 13 hours and literally submitted it one minute before the deadline. I nearly had a panic attack from just writing those words.

Nottingham Trent student Lara’s dissertation was worth 40 per cent of her final grade. It was the culmination of her three year degree and was due to be submitted in 48 hours time. So Lara did what anyone would do in this situation and went out to a party.


Said party

Lara woke up the next day, opened her laptop, realised completing her diss would be an impossible task, and requested an extension. Thankfully, it came through. So Lara closed her laptop and waited until next week, the day before the hand-in date, to do it all again.


She started at 15:00. At 17:30 she decided she needed a cheeky five hour break and went to Nottingham Varsity. She then wrote through the night ahead of her 14:00 deadline the next day.

At 13:59, one minute before the deadline, she handed in her diss. And finally it was over.


Commenting on her experience, Lara told The Tab: “If you have ADHD it’s light work, but if you’re a normal, mentally-stable person that cares about their degree (not an NTU student), maybe start it a bit earlier.”

After recovering from her dissertation “trauma” Lara posted about her experiences on TikTok. The video has been viewed over half a million times. I still can’t believe she actually did her dissertation in 13 hours.

@ilovelarizzla Here’s me doing my diss in 13 hours ❤️Trent students❤️ #fyp #uni #ntu #notts #dissertation #deadlines #uk #3rdyear ♬ Morning (From “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”) – Karaoke Version – Urock Karaoke

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