These online reviews will make you want to go on a pilgrimage to Binley Mega Chippy

5. ‘I fell to my knees and cried knowing I would never experience such beauty again’

Binley Mega Chippy began as restaurant near Coventry in 2004. But from these humble beginnings, sprouted what can only be described as a national sensation. The chippy became a meme on TikTok that spiralled over the past weekend, with more and more people making a pilgrimage to Binley to see what all the fuss is about. They are, of course, sampling the food (as well as the ambience) and giving their verdict. Here are all the best online reviews of Binley Mega Chippy.

1. ‘Honey mustard is for Weeny Babies, grow up’


2. ‘The water was very tasty’

3. The 35 hour walk was worth it


4. A meal fit for the Plati Joobs

5. ‘When I entered the establishment I fell to my knees and cried knowing I would never experience such beauty again for the first time’


6. Not sure about this but I would say the Morbin Meal is in my top 13 Morbin Meals in the Coventry area

7. Fair enough


8. Petition to get the Queen to go to Binley


9. The most succinct entrant of all the Binley Mega Chippy reviews

10. Couldn’t have put it better myself


Featured image credit: SWNS

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