This is the origin story of the Binley Mega Chippy TikTok trend

I will pay someone to remove the Binley Mega Chippy song from my head

There are trends and there are trends. There are the trends that tick over gently, slowly gathering momentum, and then there’s the Binley Mega Chippy trend. It’s a whole different kettle of fish (and chips). To put it simply, my TikTok FYP has been taken hostage by chipshop-themed content. And I’m beyond happy about it.

What appears on the surface to be a humble fish and chip shop in a suburb near Coventry, has become an online sensation. There’s no clear answer to why everyone thinks it’s funny. It just is. And if you disagree, you are wrong and should be ashamed of yourself.

Here’s everything we know about the Binley Mega Chippy TikTok trend.

How did the Binley Mega Chippy trend come about?

KnowYourMeme has shed light on the origins of the iconic TikTok trend. It’s been a local hotspot ever since it opened back in 2004, with its first online mention occurring in 2009.

“Been to Binley Mega Chippy,” one Twitter use wrote. “Have Pukka Pie and Chips. Steak and Kidney. Lush.”

But the mass hysteria only really began on April 26th, when uploaded a slide show of different takeaway establishments to TikTok. One of these was Binley Mega Chippy. TAKEAWAY APPRECIATION POST #takeaway #kebab #chippy #grill #meat #megachippy #mega #grease #chips #gravy #currysauce #meme #uk #british #blokecore #britcore #cursed #ukmeme #cursedbritish #tesco #tins #cig #ciggie #ham ♬ Bad Dreams – DJ Isaac

The floodgates had opened. More and more TikToks about the chippy began to surface, launching the latest ironic British culture trend.

@_theaccentguyI can’t stop hearing this! 🍟♬ original sound – TheAccentGuy

A contributing factor to the trend’s rise to prominence may be that BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend took place this weekend in Coventry meaning that, for many, visiting the iconic eatery had gone from a pipe dream to a tangible possibility.

The small matter of the audio

@binleymegachippyfan53 Reply to @binleymegachippyfc ♬ Binley Mega Chippy – Binley mega chippy big fan

If like me you have been inundated with chipshop videos, you’ll be very familiar with the ear-worm audio that often accompanies the greasy visuals.

One of the main contributors to this viral trend, is @binleymegachippyfan53, who posted a TikTok featuring the Binley Mega Chippy song. The video has now been viewed over half a million times and the audio has been used in 3.7k  different TikToks. Please, please, please can someone get it out of my head.

Featured image credit: Backrgound (Unsplash)

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