greatest cbbc show of all time

VOTE: Once and for all, which CBBC show is the greatest of ALL time?

I’m suing if none of the Tracy Beakers win x

So, it’s the end of an era. Sort of. It was announced yesterday that CBBC will be shutting down to make way for more online content – but not until 2025, at least.

Although the channel won’t close its doors for another three years, many people are still reeling from the news. CBBC is a channel the majority of us grew up with – and a lot of its shows have impacted British pop culture in a major way. Without CBBC, we wouldn’t be constantly asking who stole our Maroon 5 CD, wondering how to blow up square balloons and telling people to “bog off, Elaine!!!”

With that in mind, it’s time to look back on some of our favourite shows from the last 20 years. A lot of them were great – but which one was, undeniably, the greatest of ALL time? Have your say here:

4 O’Clock Club

4 oclock club

Photo via CBBC

A great TV show about rapping teachers – without anyone feeling the need to give us a rendition of The Thong Song. Mr. Schue, take notes.

The Story of Tracy Beaker

tracy beaker

Photo via CBBC

Tracy Beaker went on to have three spin-offs, numerous BAFTA nominations and endless hun-status. It also brought us iconic lines like: “Who’s got my Maroon 5 CD?” which I’m eternally grateful for.

Blue Peter

blue peter

Photo via CBBC

Truly, the best era was when our lord and saviour Konnie Huq presented alongside Liz Barker and the guy from Sky Sports News.

Deadly 60

deadly 60

Photo via CBBC

I already know middle-aged mums everywhere will be voting for anything with Steve Backshall in it. I didn’t even LIKE Deadly 60 that much when I was a kid – yet it was somehow always on.

Horrible Histories

best cbbc show of all time

Photo via CBBC

The Highwayman was every girl-in-her-mid-twenties’ crush back in the day – I mean, just look at the material. Stupid Deaths and Shouty Man have also stood the test of time.



Photo via CBBC

Probably quite boring if you weren’t a budding journo when you were 12. That 15-minute Newsround slot was usually filled with trips to the fridge between Tracy Beaker episodes.

The Dumping Ground

greatest cbbc show of all time

Photo via CBBC

A fairly inferior version of Tracy Beaker Returns – although it WAS fun seeing Mike get married (should’ve been me x).

The Next Step

the next step

Photo via CBBC

Only year nine street dance enthusiasts liked this – sorry!


arthur final episode

Photo via CBBC before edits

Genuinely iconic and has been since 1996. DW’s constant one-liners are up there with the international comedy giants’.

Shaun the Sheep

greatest cbbc show of all time

Photo via CBBC

It’s Shaun the Sheep… It’s Shaun the Sheep. Everyone somehow knew the theme tune without ever watching more than two minutes of it. They even made a film version – how many CBBC shows can boast that?


greatest cbbc show of all time

Photo via CBBC

I tried *so* hard to get my school on 50/50. I just wanted to kick over some foam triangles and get covered in blue slime, like any other kid.

Dani’s House

danis house

Photo via CBBC

Does anyone actually remember any of the plotlines from Dani’s House? I watched that show religiously for years, but I can’t seem to recall a single thing about it.

The Basil Brush Show

the basil brush show

Photo via CBBC

This should win purely because of the clip where Anil goes: “No… no… no… NO! Yes.”

Big Kids

greatest cbbc show of all time

Photo via CBBC


It was a tiny bit twee, but I firmly believe Big Kids was robbed of a second series. The whole premise of parents regressing in age after hearing a magic word was showstopping, inspiring, never-been-done-before.

The Cramp Twins

cramp twins

Photo via CBBC

This show was banned in my house – my parents thought I’d become like Wayne if I spent all my time watching him. Hysteria aside, this cartoon was iconic and the theme tune still gets stuck in my head.

Dick & Dom in Da Bungalow

dick and dom in da bungalow

Photo via CBBC

Dick & Dom – and I cannot stress this enough – had an unmatched influence on our childhoods. From Bogies to the Stoke-on-Trent song, they turned us into chaotic, hyper kids with a taste for trouble. Everyone say, “thank you Richard and Dominic!”

Yvon of the Yukon

greatest cbbc show of all time

Photo via CBBC

Quite simply the weirdest CBBC show I’ve ever seen in my life. Why is this tiny, defrosted French man following a kid around? Pretty nightmarish, if you ask me.

Diddy Dick & Dom

diddy dick n dom

Photo via CBBC

Actually, I spoke too soon – what even WAS this? I hated it so much. It felt like it was trying too hard to be funny, but hey, maybe some people actually liked it. Prove me wrong, kids. Prove me wrong.



Photo via CBBC

Is it just me, or was this the most addictive show of the late noughties? I always wanted to control people’s chaotic side like King Stupid – you can keep the gremlin butler, though.

Tracy Beaker Returns

greatest cbbc show of all time

Photo via CBBC

TBR had some truly unhinged moments in its time. Lily jumping off the roof to get attention (relatable actually) was a turning point in my life. Also when Liam left.



Photo via CBBC

I remember very little about Kerching except the style and the early-noughties theme tune. Going on aesthetics alone, this is a clear winner. Unless…

The Mysti Show

mysti show

Photo via CBBC

The Mysti Show just had real S Club 7, butterfly clips and Tammy Girl vibes. Four-year-old me wanted to live on the set.

Sadie J

greatest cbbc show of all time

Photo via CBBC

Sadie J was iconic for its time, a perfect rival for Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place.

Bear Behaving Badly

nev the bear

Photo via CBBC

I could never work out whether Nev was unspeakably adorable or extremely obnoxious. What I came to realise after watching Bear Behaving Badly was, I only really like him in small doses. Did we really need to see what he got up to in his spare time?

The Sarah Jane Adventures

sarah jane adventures

Photo via CBBC

RIP, Queen Elisabeth Sladen! The Sarah Jane Adventures was, at times, so much scarier than Doctor Who. Sure, they had the Empty Child – but what about rogue clowns voiced by Bradley Walsh? Or scary men with fangs (but no lips??) travelling back into someone’s timeline and killing people?



Photo via CBBC

Do you know The Way of the Warrior? I was always devastated when the kids were eliminated. I hope they’re okay.



Photo via CBBC

The way I used to ring up every Sunday morning to try and get on Jam Busters was embarrassing.

Hider In The House

hider in the house

Photo via CBBC

We were promised celebrities – and who did we get? Barney Harwood and an extra from Bear Behaving Badly. Also, did the parents know they had people literally hiding in their houses the whole time?

What’s New? Scooby Doo

scooby doo

Photo via CBBC

Aside from the live-action films, this was the superior era of Scooby Doo. The original series was TOO old, and the new series looks like a knock-off version.

Sorry, I’ve Got No Head

sorry ive got no head

Photo via CBBC


Sorry, I’ve Got No Head is up there with some of the best sketch shows in British history. Does anyone remember the classroom of one?



Photo via CBBC

The crinkly man scared me away from this show for life – I just wonder how the kids who got trapped are doing today. Are they still down there? We’ll never know.

The Slammer

greatest cbbc show of all time

Photo via CBBC

There was nothing not to love about The Slammer – although I honestly thought each act would have to spend time in showbiz prison after performing. Spoiler alert: They didn’t.

Young Dracula

greatest cbbc show of all time

Photo via CBBC

Gerran Howell wearing eyeliner and staring broodily into a space? INJECT. IT. I think a defining point of my puberty journey was when I stopped fancying Robin and turned my attention towards a very-grown-up Vlad.

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