Quiz: Which iconic Made in Chelsea villain are you really?

Lucy Watson or Maeva only please

Made in Chelsea would be nothing without its villains. They create the drama and give us all a reason to watch the show. And over the years there’s been quite a few iconic ones. When the show started Spencer Matthews was the original villain until Lucy Watson came along and firmly stole his crown. Since then Sam Prince and Maeva have knocked Lucy off her throne and fully embraced their evil roles.

However, though there have been many villains, they are all different in their own evil ways. Alex Mytton was a villain for his constant cheating, whereas, Victoria was a villain for saying rather mean things to people’s faces. Never forget when she called Cheska a “fat f*cking turkey” at the Christmas meal. And Phoebe-Lettice Thompson was a villain for constantly feuding with Lucy.

So of all these iconic villains, which are you most like? Well we’ve designed a highly scientific quiz to determine if you’re more of a Spencer Matthews or Sam Prince.

Take our iconic Made in Chelsea villains quiz here:

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