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Quiz: Which era of Made in Chelsea do you belong in?

The Lucy Watson era is elite

Made in Chelsea is about to celebrate its 10 year anniversary and in that decade there’s been four distinct eras of the show. The cast often overlap with the originals showing up in the most recent series, but at its core the four time periods of the show are separate, the question is, which Made in Chelsea era do you belong in?

There’s of course the original era in which the cast truly play up to the posh stereotype. Spencer, Binky and Caggie go clay pigeon shooting, never work a day in their lives and everyone is wearing red chinos. It’s classic posh and it brought all the best drama. Nothing will ever beat the scene where Millie calls out Rosie and Hugo for getting together behind her back.

The Lucy Watson era is still pretty iconic, with so many fights, scandals and shouting matches. And then there’s the more recent eras. The time around 2017 where Harry Baron joined and Habbs wasn’t interested in Jamie at all. A simpler time if you will.

And now there is the current era that’s full of ex Love Islanders, influencers and people who have actually never set foot in Chelsea, but at least they look good on screen.

Which era of Made in Chelsea do you belong in though? Take our quiz to find out:

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