Plan a fajita night and we’ll tell you what class of degree you’ll get

If it’s not Old El Paso then I don’t want to know

A fajita night is a staple in any British household. There was a special joy that filled your heart when you asked your mum “what’s for tea?” and she would respond with fajitas. It’s the meal you can actually cook yourself during first year that doesn’t result in a fire alarm or food poisoning. You think you’re over it but then you hear that sizzling sound in the Mexican restaurant, and boom, you’re right back into the fajita chokehold.

And of course there’s so many ways you can make a fajita. Chicken, steak, or a veggie meat substitute. Then there’s the different types of salsas, cheese, and garnishes. The possibilities are endless, and yet the way you make a fajita says a LOT about you, namely what classification of degree you’ll end up with after uni.

A traditionalist who goes for a fully loaded fajita on a Friday night with multiple margaritas is guaranteed to get a first. But someone who scrimps on toppings and doesn’t make it from scratch is leaning towards a 2:2 or worse, a fail.

To see what degree classification you’ll end up with, take our highly scientific quiz to find out:

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