Derry Girls has come to an end but these 54 memes and our love for it are eternal

Derry Girls will never die x

Last night Derry Girls ended and I’d be lying if I said I was doing okay. This show has made me ugly cry more times than I care to count. It also gives all of us us that feeling someone gets when they’re laughing uncontrollably. We all knew this day would come, Lisa McGee has said for ages how Derry Girls was always going to end with a third season but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t pain and heartache. Since the show first aired in 2018 viewers have been caught in a chokehold. So to celebrate the importance and joy Derry Girls gave us, here are 54 memes about season one, two and three.

1. Tag yourself, I’m feral x

2. ‘I can see who has a sexy da’

3. I am sobbing

4. I can quote it word for word at this point

5. Derry Girls as a whole is perfect television x

6. There’s no other show quite like Derry Girls

7. Why did I never realise she was laughing at The Exorcist omg

8. I love them so much

9. End of

10. It’s the best song ever and you can’t change my mind

11. Aunt Sarah is ahead of her time

12. Her pyjamas are incredible

13. Sister Michael x

14. I need this so badly

15. She is so good

16. Nothing will ever be the same again

17. Why do I have goosebumps?

18. They all look so happy

19. Granda Joe walking out with his youngest grandchild made me sob

20. No one talk to me

21. HUNK hahahaha

22. Oh my god the wrist bands

23. Big retweet on this

24. Michelle has such a way with words

25. The best line of all time

26. Always

27. Woe is me

28. They are meant to be together! Jerin forever!!

29. This makes so much sense omg

30. I was so impressed by her Fat Boy Slim ticket sob story

31. Those rainbow socks are incredible

32. He’s so boring but we love him x

33. He’s the muscle we needed all along

34. It’s too greasy!

35. Imagine your windows being smothered in mayonnaise

36. If only x

37. I will never forget this emotional trauma

38. Glad Clare can laugh about it, I can’t x

39. The hunk vibes are back on

40. Big agree

41. What a performance it was

42. Big Manday was an icon

43. Correcting grammar has big Erin energy

44. Rock the Boat was a work of art

45. Rock the Boat was too real for the Irish fans

46. Omg stop

47. Mysterious Girl playing looool

48. Orla is too funny

49. He’s a beautiful man with beauiful hair

50. I loathed James’ perm in this episode

51. End of!

52. I love Liam Neeson

53. If your name is Elton John

54. Loool

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