I am José Mourinho TikTok

Okay so this is where the ‘I am José Mourinho’ TikTok audio is actually from

I literally call myself José Mourinho five times a day at this point

There’s a new sound dominating the TikTok For You Page, which will come as a shock to a grand total of absolutely nobody. Because there’s a new sound dominating the For You Page every half an hour at this point. This time it’s the turn of football legend José Mourinho, and everyone is using his iconic declaration of his name on TikTok to show their slickest hacks and smart moves off. Here’s exactly where the “I am José Mourinho TikTok audio is originally from and what everyone on the app is using it for.

The audio is from an advert for a sticker book

Remember in school when the LADS would all swap footie stickers for their book? Well, that’s what the iconic “I am José Mourinho” sound all over TikTok is actually from. In the advert, for the Topps UEFA 2024 Euros German, plays up to José Mourinho being a god amongst men – thanks to his outstanding managerial achievements in football and his good humour in sending himself and his ego up. The cinematic strings and the very extra intro whilst holding a book about himself? Comedy gold.

How are people using ‘I am José Mourinho’ on TikTok?

So, the “I am José Mourinho” sound on TikTok is being used by people when they pull off something slick or have made a smooth move, if you will. It’s easier to explain with examples than words here, so some include “telling myself that drinking vodka lime soda won’t give me a hangover because it’s basically water” and “When you lose interest in him so you ask ‘what are we’ to scare him off”. Here’s a few of the funniest below:

@asimc 🧠#fyp ♬ original sound – DJ

@bebostunna♬ original sound – DJ

@deyako.deioces Dw buttercup, I care about the pretty sky🕊🤍 #shewantsme #tacticalgenius #josemourinho #foryou ♬ original sound – DJ

@sad.iya 🫣🫣 #foryou #fyp #4u ♬ original sound – DJ


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