Okay this is how to do the ‘NewProfilePic’ paint photo trend that’s all over Twitter rn

Perfect for when you want to look like you’ve been sprayed on the side of a fairground ride

Twitter is filled with people sharing pictures using a new app that inexplicably has social media in a Vulcan-like grip of a chokehold. Your timeline, across all social media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, is rammed with your friends and associates and enemies all posting pictures of themselves looking like they’ve just been sprayed next to unapproved murals of Katie Price and the Beckhams at a fairground in Wigan. It’s a pretty easy trend to do, if you are so inclined. Here’s how you can get your own NewProfilePic paint photo from the app and trend that has taken over Twitter in a matter of HOURS.

You need an app, guys

Get clearing your storage out, chicky boos, because you can’t just pop on to a website to do this one. Despite the fact all the pictures have a watermark saying newprofilepic.com, the link itself just tells you to download an app from whatever App Store you use. Once you have the app, it’s really simple – just add any picture you want from your camera roll and the app creates your weird paint mural picture in a matter of seconds.

And, in the misspelt words of Jesy Nelson: WALLAH! Here’s mine, a picture that will never be posted anywhere besides this article, so make the most of it. I actually think I look quite gorgeous – all things considered. My mate said I look like Amanda Bynes with a pair of glasses on, and you know what, fair.

Once you’ve got your edit, you can save it to your camera roll and then share and join the trend on Twitter and officially be one of the NewProfilePic app girlies like the rest of social media. Enjoy!

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