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If your town has these 23 things then it’s officially considered posh

Doesn’t every town have a yacht dealer and artisan bread shop?

There is a certain image of a classic English town. It’s cobbled pave stones with thatched roofs and a village green, a small church and a few coffee shops in which the locals actually speak to each other nicely over scones and tea. It’s a nice image, but the majority of English towns we live in don’t fit this. Instead there’s usually a Boots, a crap nightclub, a Pizza Express, a few variations of Poundland and locals who don’t look each other in the eye.

A number of Reddit users have been debating what makes a town “posh” and more likely to fit into the image of a village green town rather than a Poundland one. One user started off the conversation with the question: “What are some things you absolutely only ever find in a posh area? I was thinking of things like bistros or bespoke cake shops, but nope. There’s some near where I live and that’s not posh.”

Many users responded with answers like gelato shops and pheasants in the window of a butchers.

So is your town posh? In order to be considered posh by the people of Reddit it needs to have these 23 things:

1. Pheasants in the window

In every window? Or just the butchers? Either way I’m not a fan of carcasses being used as decoration.

2. Artisan bread shops

Does Gail’s count?

3. People wearing wellies and tweed

Hunter wellies obvs.

4. Shot guns and hunting supplies

For shooting said pheasants presumably?

5. Equestrian equipment

A town full of horse girls.

6. Tesla and Mercedes cars

Look, I really don’t want Elon Musk as a neighbour.

7. Flowers on lampposts

You know you’ve reached peak middle class England when the street is decorated as an exploding florist.

8. Chocolatiers

Do these even exist anymore?

9. Red phone box

Double points if it’s one that’s been transformed into a second hand book swap.

10. Detached houses

Probably paid in cash with no need for a mortgage.

11. Immaculate pavements and roads

My town may not have immaculate roads but it does have immaculate vibes.

12. Bespoke kitchen and bathroom showrooms

These never have people in them. Not even staff. A truly bizarre phenomenon.

13. Restaurants without prices on the menu

No prices? So kind of them to give food away for free.

14. Yacht dealers

Unless Captain Lee is selling the yacht, there’s no need for this.

15. Expensive charity shops

And it’ll be filled with the TikTok girlies thrifting.

16. Vintage estate cars

Harder to tell if the man driving the car or the car itself is more vintage.

17. Accounting firms on the high street

You need money to require an accountant, hence why I’ve never had one.

18. Driveways with intercoms

There was always that boujie kid at school who had one of these, and you were sure to know ALL about it.

19. Car boot sales filled with antiques

Aren’t these just all car boot sales?

20. Community libraries

Is this different to a normal library?

21. Norland Nannies

I literally have no clue what this even is. Ok, so after a quick Google it’s a nanny who trained at a fancy nanny school.

22. Independent musical instrument shops

A whole shop filled with squeaky violins is truly the definition of hell.

23. Gelato shops

This is the best entry on the list. Unproblematic, delicious, get one in every town.

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