So Blokecore has been doing the rounds on TikTok, but what actually is the new trend?

Honestly, it’s just wearing a football top and getting a bit *lairy*

TikTok is no stranger to a fashion trend. From the Y2K girl to the Clean girl, we thought we’d seen it all. That was until Blokecore videos started cropping up on everyone’s for you pages.

In this video, liked nearly 50k times, a man in a Manchester City football top flicks a V at the camera while holding a beer.

@stringbeanboy13 Link the boys and head down the boozer, pick up a couple packets before heading down the club to pull a couple richards, choong tings only though, afterwardsbun a couple zoots to get a sleep, nolong ting#fyp #blokecore #mancity ♬ That’s Entertainment – The Jam

The TikTok is captioned, “Blokecore is here for 2022”, but what is the trend actually all about?

What is Blokecore?

It’s basically all about nostalgia to the bygone era of Britpop. Think retro football tops, drinking stella, listening to Oasis and being a bit loutish. Trainers, trackies and bootcut jeans are all in.

Essentially dress like your dad and you should be alright. If I haven’t already painted a crystal clear picture of what it is (I have) here’s a handy guide to what counts as Blokecore:

Swigging topless beers in the park

@maxlpk Suns out pints out #fypage #foryoupage #blokecore ♬ Don’t Mug Yourself – The Streets

Folding your arms

@danibuenomoreno Blokecore Summer, Love retro kits and classic fit with it!! ⚽️😍🫡 #blokecore #retro #kits #football #moda #streetwear #foryou #parati #viral ♬ use this sound if your cute – qlzt

Donning denim shorts

@imfreakyfred Bloke’n is cool #blokecore ♬ Ray Mysterio – The Alchemist

Wearing vests

@maxlpk Where’s my Stella #fyp #blokecore #properbloke ♬ Town Called Malice – The Jam

Sitting on a step and looking wistful

@jandrota Help #fyp #blokecore ♬ original sound – carlos

Sporting tote bags? (not sure about this one)

@paydaypickups Guess The Player on The Back #blokecore #tiktokfashion #vintagefootballshirts ♬ Bayside (Radio Edit) – Obskür

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