Eton pupils stage massive protest after school threatens to ban hunting club

I literally cba

By now, you’ve probably seen the TikTok of a load of posh Eton school boys chanting “Fuck Gregg,” before running off as their tailcoats billow in the wind. And like me, you probably have a tonne of questions.

What is a “Leggit” and who is Gregg? Here’s everything we know about the chaos that went down at everyone’s favourite £42,000-a-year Tory breeding ground:

They’re whinging because the hunting society has temporarily been cancelled…obviously

Long story short, Eton has been unable to recruit a new Kennel Hunstman, who as we all know, has the role of looking after the doggies when they’re not out on hunts.

The hounds, who belonged to the Eton College Hunt, have been relocated despite many of the Etonians’ parents offering to look after them at their various estates, The Telegraph reports.

Naturally, this pissed off hundreds of Etonians who did what any normal people would do in this situation- they all got dressed up in their tailcoats and staged a “Leggit.”

Wtf is a ‘Leggit’?

Everyone knows the phrase “leggit,” but it’s not often that it gets used as a noun. In Etonian parlance, a “Leggit” is a rarely-utilised piece of activism, only seen at times of crises- such as when you can’t go hunting.

This TikTok shows a rabble of mulleted penguins gathered outside the school, chanting: “What do we think of Gregg? Shit! What do we think of shit? Gregg!”

@user420286924 #eton #fuckgregg #leggit ♬ original sound – Y

Eton’s deputy head for pastoral matters is called David Gregg, so it appears he was the target of the boys’ rage.

After a bit of intense shouting that rattled tea cups everywhere from Henley to Harrow, all the boys ran off, thus completing the “Leggit.”

@user420286924 #Eton #leggit #etonleggit #fuckgregg ♬ original sound – Y

Some fear it’s part of wider change implemented by headteacher ‘Trendy Hendy’

Despite the completely rational explanation for why the hunting society has been put on pause, some parents and students alike are scared the club’s been steamrolled as part of headteacher Simon Henderson’s progressive agenda.

So-called “Trendy Hendy” (no relation to Bendy Wendy) is thought by some to be bringing too many progressive ideas such as getting rid of tailcoats as part of the school uniform.

One ex-Etonian told MailOnline that Henderson was “capitulating to the plagues of liberal society in 2020 where intolerance is dressed up as tolerance, bullying is cloaked by moral self-righteousness and there’s a less-than-critical acceptance of the doctrines of radical political movements.”

Makes sense…

‘The hounds WILL return’

An Eton spokesperson said: “Eton’s beagle pack is currently being looked after by other hunts as a temporary measure while the College continues its search for a new Kennel Huntsman, at which point the hounds will return to Eton.”

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