Meet Olivia Mitchell: The 19-year-old TikToker who is currently dating Libby Mae

Guys, Libby Mae posted a TikTok saying Olivia eats her bogies

Libby Mae is a queer icon, TikTok royalty and a lip-syncing legend all rolled into one big bun. She grew big on the platform after posting a lot with her ex-girlfriend Katylee. However since the pair broke up in May 2021, Libby Mae has been rolling solo up until a few months ago when she met Olivia Mitchell and the pair were rumoured to be romantically linked.

Olivia and Libby have been dating for a while but are yet to go official. However in Olivia’s TikTok bio it does say she is “obsessed” with her “gf”. On TikTok Liv has 84.4k followers and is following 13 people but she’s blocked people from viewing who she follows for privacy reasons. Here’s everything we know about Olivia Mitchell, Libby Mae’s new unofficial girlfriend.

They met in a nightclub

According to Libby Mae’s TikTok video, the couple met in a nightclub a while back after both going through a break up at the same time. They then became best mates and fell in love with one another!

She doesn’t like living under Libby Mae’s spotlight

@liv.mitchell_x @Libby Mae ♬ original sound – JAY💸

Liv posted this TikTok saying “Aren’t you Libby Mae’s girlfriend?” and in it she was lip syncing “Well I don’t like living under your spotlight” and Libby is seen gazing at her with a loving look in her eye. I am so obsessed with them.

Olivia Mitchell says Libby Mae is her ‘soulmate’

She also called Libby her “happiness” which is just so nice. In this TikTok she posted last month, it says: “POV: You’ve found your soulmate” and it’s a compilation of photos of the pair together.

Libby Mae says Olivia eats her bogies

@libbymae24 ♬ original sound – ella💌

In a TikTok Libby Mae posted recently she says Olivia “eats” her bogies and the second refers to Libby as “bogey mae”. But guys it’s okay because they have said they love each other.

You can follow Olivia on TikTok here and stay up to date with all of their relationship news.

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