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Depp v Heard LIVE: Everything Amber Heard has said so far in her testimony

JUST IN: Amber Heard confirms the Milani palette was NOT used during her marriage


Trigger warning: This article contains mentions of self-harm and violence.

Aquaman actress Amber Heard and her ex-husband, Johnny Depp have been at the centre of international headlines since their 2016 split. Six long years of alleged abuse, court cases and “he-said-she-said” have at last come to a head. Now, the pair are coming face-to-face on trial.

In 2018, Heard wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post about her alleged experience with abuse. While she didn’t name Depp in the article, his lawyer said: “(Heard’s) implication that Mr. Depp is a domestic abuser is categorically and demonstrably false.”

Just a year later, Depp filed a lawsuit against Heard for defamation. Here’s everything you need to know so far:

Tuesday 17th May, 2022

4:29pm – An audio clip of Amber Heard taunting Depp is played

The court hears an archival voice recording of Heard calling her ex-husband a “washed-up piece of shit” and telling him to “suck my dick.”

3:57pm – Johnny Depp’s legal team questions Heard on her drug use

Camille Vasquez – one of Depp’s lawyers – pulls up a document and reveals it’s a draft copy of the pair’s wedding schedule. After the rehearsal dinner, the next timeslot says “dancing and drugs and music.”

Vasquez asks Heard why she’d take drugs while on holiday with her “drug-fuelled monster” of a boyfriend, as she described him in her testimony.

Monday 16th May, 2022

5:35pm – Heard confirms the Milani colour correcting palette was not used during her marriage

While holding up the example palette to the court, Heard says: “This is what I was talking about… this is not, obviously, the exact one I used to carry with me.”

3:30pm – Amber Heard denies defecating in Depp’s bed

“I wasn’t in a jovial mood… I think that’s disgusting. I’d just been attacked by my violent husband on my 30th birthday… and I wasn’t in a pranking mood.”

3:28pm – Elaine Bredehoft, Amber Heard’s lawyer, has asked her about her dogs’ bathroom habits

Johnny Depp alleged in his testimony that Heard defecated in his bed and “blamed it on the dogs”. Amber Heard testifies that Boo, the couple’s Teacup Yorkie, had incontinence issues due to “eating Johnny’s weed”.

3:19pm – Heard details an argument she had with Depp

“He hurled a magnum-size bottle of champagne at me… it hit a painting. I thought, we shouldn’t have art in our bedroom anymore.”

Heard alleges Depp “would grab me by the pubic bone and hold me down… he’d taunt me, saying ‘you think you’re so fucking tough?”

3:13pm – A video of Depp ‘smashing shit’ is played to the court

“You wanna see crazy? I’ll give you fucking crazy,” the actor can be heard saying.

Thursday 5th May, 2022

4:04pm Amber claims Johnny threw a bottle at her after the Met Gala

Amber alleged Johnny accused her of flirting and looking at a woman in a sexual way when they attended the Met Gala together in 2014.

She claimed when they got home after the Met Gala he shoved and grabbed her “at the top of my collar bone, the top of my neck. I think I shoved him back, I can’t recall.”

Amber then went onto accuse Johnny of throwing a bottle at her, but it missed her and they ended up having a struggle on the sofa and Amber suspected her nose was broken.

She said: “He threw a bottle at me – it missed me but hit and broke the chandelier. Johnny and I were in a struggle on the sofa… He was much heavier than me… Then he just whacked me in the face… I suspected I had a broken nose… I remember my nose being swollen, discoloured, red.”

3:57pm Amber claims Johnny said ‘the only way out of this is death’

The testimony moves to discuss their pre-nuptial agreement. Amber said she was considering get a prenuptial agreement after their engagment .

She claimed Depp was against having this agreement and he would tear it up.

She said, he said to her: “If he ever got his hands on it he would tear it up. He told me the only way out of this is death. Kid, are you already planning on leaving?”

3:46pm Amber claims Johnny had weed around his daughter

Amber was asked about her relationship with Johnny Depp’s children and said she was falling in love with them during her relationship with Johnny.

She said: “These intelligent, beautiful little weirdos in the best possible way. I was falling in love with them.”

Amber claimed she was concerned at one point as Lily-Rose Depp had a “crush” on a “male musician” who was “over 18” and he spent the night at their house.

She also claimed she was angry at Johnny for allegedly introducing marijuana around his daughter when she was young.

3:41pm Amber Heard alleges Johnny Depp had to be carried home after alcohol binge

Amber said during late 2014 in London Johnny missed a “few days of work” due to alleged alcohol binges.

She said one day he didn’t come home and she alleged this was because he had been doing drugs and drinking with his friend Paul Bettany.

Amber claimed when he arrived home he had to be carried like a “baby” by security.

3:33pm Amber Heard describes Johnny’s proposal

During her testimony Amber described Johnny’s proposal to her in London and said she felt like “the luckiest woman in the world.”

3:27pm Amber Heard said she would stop taking jobs because of Johnny

Amber Heard said during her relationship with Johnny Depp he allegedly told her she didn’t need to work and he would provide for her.

She said, he said: “You don’t have to work kid, I will take care of you, my woman doesn’t have to work.”

Heard told the court she wanted to work and had always worked. She accused his behaviour of being controlling and claimed she wasn’t allowed to do sex scenes in acting roles.

She said: “I couldn’t have a sex scene. It didn’t happen all at once of course, it was little by little.”

Heard went onto say she began taking acting jobs that had no love scenes and required her to wear minimal makeup.

She claimed she sent Johnny scripts and pictures from wardrobe fittings.

3:16pm Heard accuses Depp of calling her a ‘nagging b*tch’

Amber Heard said whilst on a press tour trip to Tokyo, which she took with Johnny and his children, he called her a “nagging b*tch” during an argument in a hotel room.

3:12pm Images are shown of Johnny Depp Amber Heard took

To begin her next day on the stand Heard said she “would look for clues” about Depp’s drinking and drug taking.

She said: “He would pass out, and get sick, and lose control of himself. And people would find him, and fix him up… I would take pictures to document it”.

The court was shown an image of Depp appearing to be asleep, taken by Heard who said the image was taken in the Bahamas following Johnny’s stint of sobriety however she alleged he began to drinking again with his friend Paul Bettany.

Another image was shown to the court of Depp taken by Amber where he appears to be slumped forward.

Amber said Johnny was: “on a drugs binge, no eating, little or no sleep… and that would just go on all day long”.

Wednesday 4th May, 2022

amber heard testimony

As part of her testimony Amber Heard alleged Johnny Depp threatened to kill her whilst they were on a family trip with his kids.

She said after Depp’s daughter, Lily-Rose, questioned his drinking, Heard comforted Lily-Rose which allegedly angered Depp. After this Heard claimed Depp had slammed her against the wall of the boat they were on and threatened to kill her by saying he could “f*cking kill me”.

Heard also alleged Depp did a cavity search on her whilst they were on holiday in 2013 as she alleges he was searching for drugs.

She said: “I went into the bathroom, and as I came out, he asked me, ‘Where is it?’ I said, ‘What are you talking about?’ And he said, ‘You know what I’m fucking talking about.’

“He just shoved his fingers inside me… I just stood there while he twisted his fingers around.”

Amber Heard also alleged Johnny Depp slapped her three times in one night in 2013 after she asked him a question about his tattoo that had been modified and was originally dedicated to Winona Ryder.

She described what allegedly happened to her as “the worst thing that had happened” to her and that Johnny Depp later apologised.

Tuesday 3rd May, 2022

5:03pm – Amber Heard’s lawyers have filed to throw the case out

J. Benjamin Rottenborn and Elaine Bredehoft are now trying to get the case thrown out for good. Johnny Depp’s lawyers have countered this, branding Heard an “abuser.”

3:57pm: Michael Spindler, economic expert, will now take to the stand

Spindler will testify Johnny Depp lost a significant amount of money as a direct result of Amber Heard’s 2018 op-ed.

3:51pm: Falatai did not see Depp or Heard abuse each other

Erin Falatai, Amber Heard’s nurse, says she never saw either party hurt or abuse each other during their marriage.

Monday 2nd May, 2022

8pm: Amber Heard texted her nurse with photos of bruises

Falatai recalls receiving texts showing bruising on her patient’s face.

The cause of the bruising remains unconfirmed: “I’m not an expert… I mean there’s colour on her face in different areas, I don’t know what’s what,” she says.

ICYMI: Millions of people sign petition to remove Amber Heard from Aquaman 2

aquaman 2

Over 2.3 million people have signed a petition to remove Amber Heard from Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. It was started by user Jeanne Larson, who addressed it to the Senior Vice President of Publicity and Communications for DC Warner Bros.

“Men are victims of domestic abuse, just like women,” she wrote. “This must be recognised, and action must be taken to prevent a known abuser from being celebrated within the entertainment industry.”

Thursday 28th April, 2022

3:02pm – Heard did NOT donate £2.8 million to the ACLU

The COO of the American Civil Liberties Union – an organisation which Amber Heard was said to have pledged £2.8 million ($3.5 million) of her divorce settlement to – will now testify as a witness. He’ll first be questioned by Johnny Depp’s team, then on to cross-examination.

Terence Dougherty states Heard directly donated £281,781.50 ($350,000) to the ACLU. She has also paid £764,835 ($950,000) indirectly. £80,509 ($100,000) of this can be attributed to Depp. This totals at £1 million.

Wednesday 27th April, 2022

3:30pm – Depp and Heard’s doorman says Depp was never violent

Alejandro Romero says he only met the actor “a couple times” – but never saw any evidence of him being violent. The doorman couldn’t recall “seeing any marks or bruises” on Heard, either.

He also testifies to seeing Elon Musk “a few times a week” late at night in 2015, always “when Mr. Depp was not at home.”

3:15pm – LAPD officer testifies through video

A pre-recorded video of Officer William Gatlin – who responded to a domestic disturbance call at Depp and Heard’s home in 2016 – is shown to the court.

Tuesday 26th April, 2022

4:30pm – Depp’s psychologist testifies Heard has Borderline and Histrionic Personality Disorder

johnny depp


“With histrionic personality disorder, that underlying drive is to always be the centre of attention”, Dr. Shannon Curry says. She also confirms some sufferers of personality disorders tend to have “princess” or “victim” complexes.

3:36pm – Cross-examination of Roberts begins

Elaine Bredehoft, Heard’s lawyer, is questioning the witness.

3:33pm – Depp was injured, not Heard, Roberts testifies

“I didn’t observe any injuries on Ms. Heard. Johnny had bruising on the bridge of his nose.”

3:30 – Roberts tended to Depp’s alleged injuries

“I gave him a bag of ice… for his nose. He sat on the loveseat and fell asleep.”

3:28pm – ‘You hit me with a can!’

Roberts says she saw Heard “behind Johnny with a bottle in her hand.” She heard the actress say: “I’m sorry, please come back to the house. She was hugging and kissing him… he didn’t react… she tried to pull his shirt and pull him back to the house. She was yelling at him. I was between them. I thought it was best I remove him from the situation. (Heard) went back to the house and I took Johnny to a cafe.”

3:23pm – ‘I don’t recall her wearing makeup,’ Roberts testifies

“I never saw her injured… she wore minimal makeup, if any,” she says.

ICYMI: Milani Cosmetics speaks out against claims Amber Heard ‘used palette to cover bruises’ 

3pm – Tara Roberts, a witness for Johnny Depp, is due to testify today

Monday 25th April, 2022

8pm – Johnny Depp’s week-long testimony comes to a close

After a gruelling week of statements and cross-examination, Depp is free to leave the stand. Court adjourns until tomorrow (26th April).

6pm – Depp says he is a victim of domestic violence

Depp’s lawyers play a well-known audio clip in which Amber Heard says: “Tell the world, Johnny. Tell them I, Johnny Depp – a man – I’m a victim too of domestic violence.”

“Yes, I am” Depp says.

5:30pm – ‘The (burning Amber Heard) text was directly from Monty Python’

paul bettany

Photo via Denis Makarenko/Shutterstock

Depp cites his friendship with Paul Bettany as being tinged with “dry, English humour.” While he’s “ashamed” of the pair’s texts about “drowning and killing” Heard, he insists the quote was taken from a Monty Python sketch about witch burning.

A reminder of the texts: “Let’s burn Amber!!!” Depp wrote.

“Having thought it through, I don’t think we should burn Amber – she’s delightful company and easy on the eye, plus I’m sure she’s not a witch,” Paul Bettany said. “We could of course try the English course of action in these predicaments – we do a drowning test. Thoughts? N.B I have a pool.”

5:24pm – Fans are told off by Judge Azcarate

crowd fairfax

Photo by Jim Lo Scalzo/AP/Shutterstock

Johnny Depp’s legal representation asks him a question about his other film franchises. After struggling to recall his previous roles, he asks: “Sorry, what was the question again?”

The sound of laughter echoes loudly in the docks from Depp’s fans. Judge Azcarate says: “Order in the court, or I will have you removed.”

5:10pm – ‘It was a blinding hurt’

Depp testifies the article left him “hurt.” “My mouth was shut… if I tried to explain myself, it turned into a hit piece. Something had to be done. I couldn’t take it anymore.”

5:09pm – A member of Depp’s team begins questioning

She asks Depp to explain why the op-ed left him feeling “shocked.”

5pm – Cross-examination ends

After asking several questions on Heard’s 2018 Washington Post op-ed, Rottenborn concludes his questioning. Recess has been called.

4:42pm – Nearly every one of Rottenborn’s questions have been thrown out

johnny depp trial live

Photo by Jim Lo Scalzo/AP/Shutterstock

Judge Azcarate has sustained every objection so far.

4:38pm – People laugh in the docks as Depp cracks jokes

“You read that incredibly well,” Depp quips at Rottenborn. “You should read the articles, they’re horrible.”

4:35pm – Heard’s defence insists Depp’s bad press started before 2016

Rottenborn presents Depp with articles from The Guardian, the Hollywood Reporter, The Daily Mail and Vanity Fair documenting his drinking, alleged professional conduct and “financial woes.”

“These are pathetic attempts at hit jobs,” Depp says.

“Please just respond to the questions I’m asking you,” Rottenborn replies.

4:11pm – Rottenborn questions Depp on his ‘drinking’

“If anyone had a problem with my drinking… the only person I abused in my life, was myself,” Depp says.

“You tried to hide your drinking from your daughter, Lily Rose, is that right?” Rottenborn asks.

An objection to the question has been sustained.

4:07pm – ‘Had another one’

A text from Depp to his healthcare provider, Doctor Kipper, reads: “Here’s the real deal, mate. Her obsession with herself is far more important… than the man she was meant to love.” The message was sent after Depp’s finger injury.

4:04pm – An archived text reveals Depp confronted Heard over a meeting

johnny depp

Photo by Jim Lo Scalzo/AP/Shutterstock

“What species of meeting? Why do you deviate from our agreement?” it reads. Rottenborn alleges Depp “wanted to control (Heard’s) movie career.”

4pm – Further texts are read out in court

In a 2016 message to security personnel Malcom McConnelly, Depp says: “I’m just at the point where I feel like I’m going to puke all the time… once I get myself out of her level of shit, I’ll never mention this c**t’s name again. Ever again. And the first prick that asks about her gets a warning… he’ll always be known throughout his life as the guy that got his fucking nose bit off, chewed up and spit out by Johnny Depp.”

3:47pm – Depp hits back at Rottenborn as old texts are shown

“I’m sorry, I was talking,” the actor interjects.

“We’ll have time for questions later,” Rottenborn replies.

“Well, as long as you’re happy, sir” Depp remarks.

3:40pm – ‘You’re a fucking c**t’

Depp can be heard shouting in excerpt six.

3:37pm – ‘You wouldn’t have used that as a way to hit me’

“I was pouring my heart out, and what do you do? You just do without thinking,” Heard says in the fifth excerpt.

3:31pm – Audio excerpts of Depp speaking to Heard are being played

In the first clip, Depp can be heard branding his ex-wife a “fatass.”

“I fucked up and cried in my bedroom after I dumped you a week prior… after you beat the shit out of me,” Heard states in the second recording.

Another “lengthy” excerpt is played to the court. Here, Depp says: “Walking away is necessary… it’s of utmost importance. Because the next move… if I don’t walk away… it’s going to be a bloodbath. Like it was on the island.”

“I’m not asking you to stay… I’m asking you to work it out,” Heard replies.

3pm – Court resumes for day eight

Thursday 21st April, 2022

7pm – Audio is played of Depp begging Heard to ‘cut’ him

amber heard

Photo by Jim Lo Scalzo/AP/Shutterstock

“Don’t cut your skin, please do not cut your skin. Please don’t… Don’t cut yourself.” Heard said.

“You do it,” Depp can be heard saying.

“I would never cut you,” Heard insisted.

6pm – Court sees texts exchanged between Depp and actor Paul Bettany

johnny depp paul bettany

Photo by JIM LO SCALZO/POOL/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

“Let’s burn Amber!!!” Depp wrote.

“Having thought it through, I don’t think we should burn Amber – she’s delightful company and easy on the eye, plus I’m sure she’s not a witch,” Paul Bettany said. “We could of course try the English course of action in these predicaments – we do a drowning test. Thoughts? N.B I have a pool.”

“Let’s drown her before we burn her! I will fuck her burnt corpse afterwards to make sure she’s dead…” Depp continued.

5:41pm – Emails show Depp ‘couldn’t have done it without’ Heard

Depp has admitted Heard was present during his detox. Rottenborn displayed an email the actor sent to Heard’s mother which read: “I would have gone for a swim and swallowed a big drink of ocean without her, to be honest.

“I know you’re already proud of her, but if you’d have seen her in action… Amazing!!!”

5:36pm – Heard looks distressed as an audio clip of Depp ‘blacked out’ is played

amber heard

Photo by Evelyn Hockstein/AP/Shutterstock

“That’s your voice making those moaning sounds. You sound like an animal in pain, right Mr. Depp?” Rottenborn asks.

Jerry Judge, Johnny Depp’s late bodyguard, can be heard saying: “I’m going to stay with this fucking idiot in case he gets sick.”

Depp maintains the moaning sounds weren’t recorded during the flight.

5:30pm – Depp’s texts to Heard shown to court

“I’m gonna stop this booze thing, darling,” he wrote. “Admittedly, I’m too fucked in the head to spray rage at the one I love.”

He talked in the texts about being “in a blackout,” taking cocaine, pills and “half a bottle of whisky.”

Rottenborn asks Depp whether he was in a blackout while sending the texts. He denies he was. An extract from Depp’s statement in the UK lawsuit says: “Yes, apparently (parts of the flight were blacked out).”

5:11pm – Rottenborn alleges Depp was forceful to another woman

johnny depp

Photo via Shutterstock

Heard’s defence attorney asks Depp whether he recalls “removing the hand” of a woman named Kelly-Sue from Heard during a night out. Rottenborn alleged Depp had “shouted”: “That’s my girl.”

Depp said: “That’s not correct.”

According to the transcript from his lawsuit with The Sun, Depp testified: “I removed Ms. Kelly-Sue’s hand from Heard’s body. First of all, that’s my girl. Second of all, it was rude and invasive… if you’re going to take MDMA, you should know whether you’ll be able to handle it or not.”

An argument ensued between Depp and Heard after the incident with Kelly-Sue. Depp has admitted to “punching a bathroom sconce (light)” during this.

5:04pm – Private emails from Depp have been shown to the court

An email exchanged between Depp and his Personal Assistant, Stephen Deuters has been published. “I got drunk and destroyed my room,” Depp wrote. “There are hookers and animals in here.”

“Is it okay to put a condom on after the fact?” He continued.

4:57pm – An image of Depp ‘passed out’ on a sofa is presented to the jury

“It was from a 70-hour day that I worked and also the opiates I ingested… (Heard) asked me to hold her ice cream because she knew what was going to happen – that I was going to fall asleep and she could take a picture of it.”

The image was taken while the actor was shooting Black Mass, which came out in 2015.

“That wasn’t a blackout. It was sleep,” he testified.

4:54pm – A third audio clip reveals Heard ‘cared for’ Depp while drunk

johnny depp

Photo by Shutterstock

“I fell asleep next to you in case you vomited… and choked. You do vomit a lot in your sleep – is this news to you? Then this is affecting you more than I thought it was,” she said.

4:46pm – The court reveals Depp called Vanessa Paridis ‘my ex c**t’

Archival emails exchanged between Depp and Elton John have been shown to the court. In Depp’s email, he said: “my kids have fallen in love with my new girl (Amber)”.

He branded Vanessa Paridis “the French extortionist” and “my ex c*nt”.

4:38pm – Johnny Depp talks about his sister, Christi Dembrowski


Photo by Evelyn Hockstein/AP/Shutterstock

Depp has been asked to study the transcript from his lawsuit with The Sun. There, he reads a statement about his relationship with Christi during his drug-taking years.

Rottenborn has asked Depp to confirm whether he was “abusing alcohol” towards the end of his relationship with Vanessa Paridis. Depp has bitten back, asking: “I was drinking… were you there?”

“I would definitely say towards the end of my relationship with Vanessa Paridis… it was a very painful time and I was more than likely trying to numb myself as much as possible… I would say that I was abusing alcohol. I do not know that I was abusing drugs, but I was abusing alcohol for sure,” the transcript reads.

Depp says he wasn’t drinking at the beginning of his relationship with Heard due to “concern over my liver.”

4:17pm – Depp is being cross-examined on his historical drug use

Rottenborn has shown texts exchanged between Depp and Manson talking about taking cocaine and weed. A photo of four bags of weed shown in Depp’s recording studio has been shown to the court. Depp said: “That is a lot of marijuana.”

4:10pm – Rottenborn pulls up texts from 2012

On the first day of cross-examination, Ben Rottenborn attempts to show Depp texts from 2012 between himself and his assistant.

Rottenborn has presented Depp with texts exchanged between the pair talking about his drug use – one of which said “I take pot.”

Depp is now being questioned on the nature of his friendship with Marilyn Manson.

Wednesday, 20th April 2022

how to watch johnny depp trial

Photo via Evelyn Hockstein/Shutterstock

After Depp’s testimony took up the majority of the day, Judge Penney Azcarate decided to make a start on cross-examination (questioning by Amber Heard’s defense).

Ben Rottenborn, Heard’s lawyer, spoke about her WaPo opinion piece in his testimony.

The cross-examination will continue when court resumes.

7pm – Another audio clip of Heard is played to the court

“I hope to god Jack’s (Depp’s son) stepfather teaches him more about being a man,” she said.

Depp claims he found out he was fired from Pirates of the Caribbean in an article

“I don’t think it took Disney very long to announce that I had been removed from the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise,” he said. “Which I learned about reading… in some magazine.”

6pm – Audio clip reveals Heard ‘hit’ Depp

The first of two voice recordings was played to the court.

“I didn’t punch you, by the way. I’m sorry I didn’t hit you across the face in a proper slap, but I was hitting you. I wasn’t punching you.

“Babe, you’re not punched… I’m sorry I hit you… but I did not punch you. I didn’t fucking deck you. I fucking was hitting you. I don’t know what the actual motion of my hand was, but you’re fine. I did not punch you, I was hitting you.

“I’m not sitting here bitching about it, am I? You are. That’s the difference between me and you – you’re a fucking baby. You are such a baby, grow the fuck up, Johnny… I wish I’d never met you.”

Depp alleges Heard defecated in his bed

johnny depp trial live

Photo via Jim Watson/AP/Shutterstock

During his testimony, Johnny Depp began talking about the moment he found a photo of “human” faeces in his bed – which he alleged “ended the relationship.”

“It was so outside,” he said. “It was so bizarre, and so grotesque that I could only laugh… it was human faecal matter.

“My initial response to that was… I mean, I laughed. She tried to blame it on the dogs. They’re Teacup Yorkies, they only weigh about four pounds each. It was clear it did not come from a dog.”

4pm – Depp recalls his finger being severed

A graphic image was shown to the court as Johnny Depp recalled a bottle fight which led to his injury.

“I stood up,” he said. “And I walked behind the bar. There was a larger bottle of vodka with a handle, you know? I grabbed that and I went and sat in my seat again. I opened the bottle and I poured myself a shot…

“Ms. Heard was flinging insults left, right and centre and she then grabbed that bottle and threw it at me. I didn’t feel the pain at first, at all. I felt no pain whatsoever… I looked down and realised the tip of my finger had been severed.”

The actor reveals his daughter didn’t attend the wedding

Lily-Rose Depp, daughter of the actor and his ex-partner, Vanessa Paridis, didn’t turn up to his 2015 wedding.

“She and Ms. Heard were not on particularly great terms, for several reasons.”

He didn’t go into further detail.

Depp alleges Heard took drugs at the wedding

While detailing the day he got married to Heard; Depp claimed she took drugs from a “communal bag of MDMA,” alongside her friends.

Depp compares Heard to ‘abusive’ mother

amber heard

Photo by Evelyn Hockstein/AP/Shutterstock

“If there’s a dialogue between two people, both people need to speak,” he said. “But there was no way to fit a word in. It was a sort of rapid-fire, endless parade of insults.”

“You start to slowly realise that you are in a relationship with your mother, in a sense. And I know that sounds perverse and obtuse, but the fact is, some people search for weaknesses in people.”

Betty Sue Palmer died in May 2016.

3pm – Heard allegedly denied Depp his ‘withdrawal’ medication

The actor spoke candidly about his “addiction to the opiates.” He was introduced to his doctor in 2014, and agreed to go through detox following family intervention.

In a moment he described as “the lowest point of my life,” Depp alleged Heard withheld medication from him while going through withdrawal symptoms.

“I was sitting on a couch… Ms. Heard was in the kitchen area… I think it was around 2:30 in the afternoon and the effects of the withdrawals were really coming on. And I said to Ms. Heard, ‘I’m going to need the meds. Now.

“She looked at the clock, and she said it wasn’t time. I said no, no, you don’t understand. This isn’t about clocks and watches. I’m going into… it was visible.”

Betty Sue Palmer’s death made Depp want a divorce

Depp said his mother’s death made him realise “that life is a birdsong. That what feels like 100 years is, in fact, a second. A millisecond… It opened my eyes to the fact that – yes, try, in relationships; whether friendships, whether courtships, whether marriage. Try your best. If it’s not going to work, it’s not going to work.

2pm – ‘I stayed because of childhood trauma’

Depp said “childhood trauma and fear of failure” made him stay in the marriage. “I wanted to try and make it work, he said. I thought maybe I could help her.”

He stated his mother, Betty Sue Palmer, attempted suicide when his father left.

“Ms. Heard had spoken of suicide on a couple of occasions, so that also becomes a factor, that’s something that lives in the back of your brain,” he said.

The courtroom is filled with Johnny Depp fans, ready to watch him deliver his testimony

Tuesday 19th April,2022


via Shutterstock

Court dispersed at the end of Depp’s statement, as the actor prepared for his new testimony on Wednesday (20th April).

7pm – Depp sued Heard to ‘clear my name’

“My goal is the truth,” he said. “One day you’re Cinderella and then in zero-point-six seconds you’re Quasimodo. I didn’t deserve that and neither did my children.

“Never did I myself reach the point of striking Ms. Heard in any way, nor have I ever struck any woman in my life.”

6pm – The actor’s addiction issues began ‘at age 11’

“I’d done pretty much all the drugs I was aware of by the time I was 15 years old,” he said. “It’s never been for the party effect – it’s been for trying to numb the things inside that can plague someone who has experienced trauma.”

He claimed Heard’s comments surrounding his own drug use were “grossly embellished”.

5pm – Depp expressed his regret at ‘shameful texts’

Texts revealed in court last week showed Depp branding Heard a “c*nt” and that he hoped her “rotting corpse was decomposing in the fucking trunk of a Honda Civic.”

“I am ashamed of some of the references made,” the actor testified. “I’m embarrassed that at the time, in the heat of the moment, the heat of the pain that I was feeling went to dark places.”

4pm – Johnny Depp said he ‘never’ struck his ex-wife

Johnny Depp

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“Never did I myself reach the point of striking Ms. Heard in any way, nor have I ever struck any woman in my life,” he said.

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