Guys!! This couple from Netflix’s The Ultimatum have confirmed they’re having a baby

I am so shook because I thought they all hated each other loooool

The Ultimatum episodes finally dropped today and Madlyn Ballatori confirmed she was pregnant and her husband Colby Kissinger is the dad. This is WILD because I genuinely thought these two weren’t going to get back together.

But in the final episode, Colby popped the question and then surprised Madlyn with a ceremony. He told Vanessa and Nick Lachey that as soon as they got married, it was time to start trying for a baby. Nick and Vanessa then gifted them a silver sippy cup – very on brand.

Madlyn The Ultimatum pregnant

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At the time of filming the reunion, Madlyn confirmed she was seven months pregnant and said she was loving every second of it. Colby said she’s handled being pregnant like a “champ”. Honestly, fans are shook because Madlyn and Randall Griffin developed such a strong connection so fast in the first few episodes. At points we even doubted whether Madlyn and Colby would get back together but obviously they did.

Madlyn has said since leaving the show and getting married they never argue. Colby said his hope for The Ultimatum was to make sure he was with the right person. He said: “I was confirming my love for Madlyn, and it did exactly what my whole intention was of coming on here for, and look where we’re at now.” Very pleased for them! It’s so iconic that we have our first Ultimatum baby so soon as well.

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