You’re obviously obsessed with Bridgerton, so here are 11 shows to watch next

Some of them feature the Bridgerton cast!

Bridgerton is one of the most successful shows on Netflix to date, and we’re all obsessed with the Regency era drama. So once you’ve binge-watched the second season, you’re probably going to be left wondering what the hell to do with your life now. If you want eligible bachelors, women on the hunt for marriage, period dramas and lots of romance, then there are plenty of other shows just like Bridgerton out there for you.

If you’re in the mood to keep watching shows like Bridgerton until there aren’t any more left, here’s a full list of some more to fill that huge hole in your life.

A Suitable Boy

Shows like Bridgerton on Netflix and other series to watch next

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If you loved the representation in Bridgerton season two, then A Suitable Boy is for you. It’s set in 1951’s newly independent India, where passionate literature student Lata Mehra is torn between family duty and the promise of romance as three very different men attempt to win her heart. It’s based on Vikram Seth’s 1993 novel.

The Cook of Castamar

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The Cook of Castamar is set in 1720 Madrid and looks at a theme that is covered in Bridgerton – relationships between different social classes. In the show, a talented cook catches the eye of a widowed Duke just as he returns to aristocratic society.


Shows like Bridgerton on Netflix and other series to watch next

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After Bridgerton season one, fans went wild when they discovered Sanditon. If you love the series, you definitely need to watch Sanditon next. It follows a Sussex girl who arrives to stay in the up-and-coming seaside town of Sanditon. She ends up in a bit of a love triangle after she meets the Parker brothers. Theo James plays one of them, Sidney Parker, and if that’s not enough to make you want to watch I don’t know what is.

Downton Abbey

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Downton Abbey is another English period drama, and it is just like Bridgerton. If you love the stunning period dress, the relationships between the characters and a surprising amount of juicy drama – you’ll love watching what goes down here.

The English Game

Shows like Bridgerton on Netflix and other series to watch next

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Netflix series The English Game follows two 19th-century footballers who are on opposing sides of a class divide and face personal and professional turmoil to change the game, and England, forever.

Alias Grace

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Alias Grace is a period drama, and is one of Netflix’s highest rated original series, with 99 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes. The crime drama follows Grace, an Irish immigrant in Canada, who is convicted of the murder of her employer. However, things take a different turn when a psychiatrist arrives to analyse her mental state. Its synopsis says: “In 19th-century Canada, a psychiatrist weighs whether a murderess should be pardoned due to insanity. Based on Margaret Atwood’s award winning novel.”


Shows like Bridgerton on Netflix and other series to watch next

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Poldark is a romantic period drama, also based around a very good looking man. Ross Poldark returns from the American Revolutionary War to find his father dead, his estate in ruins and his lover engaged to another man. Slowly but steadily, he attempts to rebuild his life. The series also features Sabrina Bartlett, who played opera singer Siena Rosso in Bridgerton season one!

Vanity Fair

If you need one reason to watch Vanity Fair: The actress who plays Eloise in Bridgerton is in it. She’s plays the best friend of the main character Becky, who’s trying to make her way into high society London. The drama series also features a few forbidden romances along the way.

Medici The Magnificent

Shows like Bridgerton on Netflix and other series to watch next

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Why should you watch Medici on Netflix? It stars Bodyguard’s Richard Madden. The Netflix synopsis for the series reads: “In 15th century Renaissance Florence, the visionary Medici dynasty flexes its power in politics and the arts, risking its rivals’ lethal opposition.”

The Last Czars

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In The Last Czars, when social upheaval sweeps Russia in the early 20th century, Czar Nicholas II resists change, sparking a revolution and ending a dynasty.

The Windsors

Shows like Bridgerton on Netflix and other series to watch next

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The Windsors isn’t exactly like Bridgerton, as this series is satire and instead shows a comical look at the modern British Royal Family in a soap opera style. But if you love regal dramas, you’ll probably enjoy this Netflix one. Plus, it stars Kathryn Drysdale, i.e. Genevieve Delacroix – Bridgerton’s sassy French dressmaker!!

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