The creator of Love Is Blind says he’s ‘not unhappy’ about casting Shake

Tbf Shake did make some quality TV

The creator of Netflix’s Love Is Blind has finally addressed the criticism around Shake’s behaviour in season two and said he’s “not unhappy” about casting him.

Shake has hands down become one of the show’s most controversial villains of all time. Throughout his season and his relationship with Deepti, he put a big emphasis on physical attraction and weight. Not to mention the comments he made behind Deepti’s back, even after meeting her family.

The Hollywood Reported asked Chris Coelen said: “Listen, we vet people coming into the show. It’s not an infallible process. I’m not unhappy Shake made it onto the show. The intention is that you invite into the pods people who through a pretty rigorous process to be chosen, and they have a stated intention of being serious about finding someone.”

He also added that he was actually “incredibly moved and blown away” by Shake’s transformation in the pods. Chris says: “The point of view of the show is not Love Is Blind. The point of the show is, actually, is love blind? Can it be blind? And when Shake was there and saw Deepti for the first time, he was very much in the mindset that Love Is Blind, and this is the woman that I’m going to be with, and I have changed as a person.”

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